A battlecry of the minotaur, might be reference to the Star Trek series, Klingon's word "Qapla'", which means "success". Coincidentally contains the same letters as the name Palkar, one of the minotaurs that was against the minotaur king, Markwin.

A comic fact about the word KAPLAR is found in one of the books that Markwin wrote, where he madly ask: "WHAT THE HELL MEANS "KAPLAR"?!?!?"

KAPLAR is generally used by the minotaur warriors in the Lands of Etheria, Warlords, and it literally means: " Prepared for battle! " Minotaurs also use this word to say: "Roger!"

The reason why Markwin doesn't recon this word is that he wants to be the only king of the minotaurs. He takes no orders from others. He denies this word for his own respect.

The superior force of minotaurs has been knowledged and mentioned in books found in PoH: "Someone is abusing the minotaurs." When minotaurs take orders from their superiors other than Markwin they confirm the order with: " KAPLAR "

KAPLAR is a mix of letters came from Palkar, the enemy of Markwin.

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