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K'khryms' Fairy Tales
Volume 1

Forfer and his Fish
Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land far,
far away, lived a young swamp
troll named Forfer. He lived in
his moss covered cave right
beside a beautiful river, and
every day, he would catch fish,
eat fish, play in the mud, and
catch and eat some more fish, in
that order. His was a happy life,
though he always felt that
something was missing.

Then one day, while playing in
the mud on the edge of the swamp,
he caught a glimpse of something
that seemed quite out of place-
a red something, just over the
top of the nearest hill. He
gathered his fish and went to
investigate, and there, to his
great surprise, he discovered a
beautiful house, with a bright red
roof, and complete with a spry
young man splitting wood on the
front lawn. This is what I am
missing! He thought, and walked
slowly up to the man (as it is not
wise to run up to a man carrying an
axe, especially if you're already
a swamp troll.)

But the man did not appear alarmed,
and invited Forfer into his
beautiful red-roofed house for some
cookies. Forfer happily obliged,
and they struck up a conversation
about houses and fish. The man
expressed his great desire to eat
something other than cookies, but
with all his wood-chopping, he had
not yet had time to go and get any
more food for himself.