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K'khryms' Fairy Tales
Volume 2

Forfer and his Fish
Part 2

thinking himself quite the sly
troll, immediately offered to
bring him lots of fish every day,
in return for a place to sleep
inside this beautiful red-roofed

The man, in response, said that he
was actually somewhat tired with
this red-roofed house, and would
gladly trade it for a reasonable
amount of fish- but that the few
fish Forfer had here was certainly
not enough. Forfer quickly
volunteered that he had a large
quantity of fish back in his
moss covered cave. The man
smiled broadly and said that
sounded excellent, he would love
to trade this house for all of
Forfer's fish along with his nice
cave (for the man still would need
a place to live).

So they immediately set off for
Forfer's moss covered cave and its
cache of fish. Upon arriving there,
and showing the man his "new cave",
along with the fish hoard, the man
thanked Forfer, and killed him with
his axe. Then he collected the fish
and walked back to his beautiful red
roofed house, thinking himself quite
the sly man.

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