You see a juggernaut.


If there is a seemingly unstoppable force in the ranks of demon kind, it is the infamous Juggernaut. Thought to become extinct in the great wars of the gods, recent sightings of Juggernauts have proven those rumours wrong. Raised in the playpens of the deepest hells, where only the most powerful can survive, about 90% of the Juggernaut population is killed before it reaches adulthood. Those who are not torn into pieces by their merciless brethren or other creatures, grow to enormous, frightening killing machines. Juggernauts are known to be able to slash the head of a dragon with one hit, while fighting back a half-dozen of other dragons. The earth trembles where a Juggernaut walks, heralding the incoming of doom. Seemingly being made up only of armor and muscles, the Juggernaut is incredibly powerful and fast, killing the first opponent and walking to the next in a mere blink. Serving as one-creature armies, the Juggernauts are some of the most powerful weapons at the disposal of the demonlords.

The most powerful regular creature between the December Updates of 2006 and 2013, this spot has been taken over by Sight of Surrender. In the official website it says that it can slash the head of a Dragon with one hit, while fighting back a half-dozen of other Dragons.


Physical Damage Melee (0-700)
Physical Damage Throws boulders (0-600)
Healing Slow Self-Healing (400-700)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


It only wishes death to intruders of it's domain, so it will charge on you with all haste.


The Juggernaut's strategy is fairly easy. All that is needed is a blocker with very high skills, health over 2500, and a mage to heal the blocker with UH or a druid with Heal Friend spell, while the rest of party attacks the Juggernaut with SD or energy based spells. Also the knight can use Protector and have 190+ shielding, then the hits go down to an average of 450~ and can heal with Wound Cleansing and some great potions, while the team kills it. They are found in proximity of Furies, Destroyers and Demons, so you can't hunt only Juggernauts. The best place to hunt plain Juggernauts would be the single spawn. They are also very fast, but since they have no wave attacks you can let the blocker lure them to a small 1sqm wide bridge in the Apocalypse's throne room, and just let the shooters attack it with SDs. The Juggernaut's boss is Massacre also located in Apocalypse's throne room.


During update 10.3 the following changes to its loot were made:

Its experience was decreased from 14,000 to 4,900 with the first batch of changes of Update 12.31. It was later increased to 11,200 with the second batch of changes.


(Loot Statistics)