Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Kazordoon
Position 127.125, 124.146, 9
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Barkeeper
Other Properties
Version 6.1
December 23, 2000
Status Active
You see Jimbin.
NPC Bubble D


His full name is Jimbin Luckythroat, son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
He deals in drinks and runs The Jolly Axeman Tavern together with his wife, Maryza.
You must address him formally. Say Hello, Jimbin.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Beer 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink2
Water (Liquid) 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink1


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Player: hi
Jimbin: Talking to me, Player?
Player: hi Jimbin
Jimbin: Welcome to the Jolly Axeman, have a good time, Player!
Player: army
Jimbin: I supply the army with dwarfish beer to keep morals high.
Player: food
Jimbin: Ask my wife Maryza for food.
Player: drink or offer
Jimbin: I can offer you beer... or water if you are sick. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: general
Jimbin: The general is a fine man. Can drink as much as he wants and still is sober.
Player: book / cookbook
Jimbin: The cookbook? It belongs to Maryza. I think she has a few copies for sale.
Player: job or tavern
Jimbin: I'm runing the Jolly Axeman together with my wife Maryza.
Player: king
Jimbin: The king orders huge amounts of mushroombeer for festivities.
Player: name
Jimbin: I am Jimbin Luckythroat, son of Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: Tibia
Jimbin: The Tibia our race was born into was even more fierce than the world you young ones know.
Player: time
Jimbin: It is about 12:28 pm.
Player: Excalibug
Jimbin: Actually I belive it's more than a taverntale.
Player: Ferumbras
Jimbin: Hah! He never dares to trespass our realm.
Player: Carlin
Jimbin: Silly town. Alcohol is forbidden there and elves visit this town quite often, what certainly suggests nothing good about a town, jawoll.
Player: Thais
Jimbin: Bah! Humans, can't stand a drink, jawoll.
Player: Maryza
Jimbin: She's a fine cook; likes it bloddy, though. Humans call her Bloody Mary, but don't mention that to her if you're smart.
Player: news or rumour or rumor
Jimbin: Oh well, many hidden places of ancient times appear seemingly out of nowhere in these times.
Player: bye
Jimbin: Come back if you enjoyed my tavern, if not ... well, get eaten by a dragon, jawoll.

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