Player: hi
Jessica: Greetings stranger. Let me know if you want to {trade} gems or jewellery. I am also the local {bank} contact.
Player: name
Jessica: My name is Jessica.
Player: job
Jessica: I sell jewellery and serve as the local bank contact.
Player: jewellery
Jessica: Currently you can purchase wedding rings, golden amulets, and ruby necklaces. We also buy gold ingots.
Player: Gems
Jessica: You can buy and sell small diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethysts or sell topazes.
Player: bank
Jessica: We can change money for you. You can also access your bank account.
Player: bored
Jessica: Okay okay, no need to be rude! It seems you are already know everything.
Player: money
Jessica: We can change money for you. You can also access your bank account.
Player: advanced
Jessica: Renting a house has never been this easy. Simply make a bid for an auction. We will check immediately if you have enough money ...
Jessica: Please keep in mind that the sum you have used to bid will be unavailable unless somebody places a higher bid. Once you have acquired a house the rent will be charged automatically from your bank account every month.
Player: mission or task
Jessica: I don't have anything to do for you.
Player: king
Jessica: The king in Thais works for the Venorean trade barons. I can't imagine what sinister ideas they might implant into his mind right now.
Player: Queen
Jessica: If only our queen would know, how the Venoreans are scheming her downfall.
Player: gods
Jessica: The gods only help those who help themselves.
Player: druid
Jessica: We had hardly any assistance from the druids here. I think that's more than suspicious ...
Jessica: There might be some agent from Venore who has been infiltrated into their ranks. It is also possible that these treehuggers were bribed with a handful of acorns. Who knows!
Player: Enemies
Jessica: Well, there is Venore and there are those who work for Venore. They SEEM to lack any interest in here but I know it better! The frightening thing is that we have no idea to what they are up this time.
Player: Ferumbras
Jessica: There are enough heroes around to take care of those obvious threats.
Player: Edron
Jessica: All Thaian colonies are in the firm grip of the schemes of Venorean trade barons.
Player: Svargrond
Jessica: This wannabe city full of hardly civilised barbarians is a dangerous mixture. It takes little for the Venorean agents to cause havoc here.
Player: Venore
Jessica: The trade barons are the worst enemies one can have. They have their hidden agents everywhere and murder and treachery are natural to them.
Player: Thais
Jessica: Thais is just a puppet of Venore without knowing it.
Player: Port Hope
Jessica: All Thaian colonies are in the firm grip of the schemes of Venorean trade barons.
Player: dwarf
Jessica: There is a mine but no dwarfs. What do they know what we don't, I ask you? I am convinced they know that Venore will make anyone suffer that is trying to claim these mines.
Player: elf
Jessica: The elves are not interested in our problems at all.
Player: chakoya
Jessica: We have never ever seen one here. Instead of talking about far-off chakoyas, they should concentrate on REAL threats like the Venoreans.
Player: yeti
Jessica: There are no yetis. That's just another story to draw off our attention from what is really happening.
Player: cult
Jessica: Spare me with that cult stories. This was no cult but some Venorean agents who were heading to their hired barbarians which had occupied our mines.
Player: talons
Jessica: We don't trade with them.
Player: jarl
Jessica: The local chieftain does nothing to help us. It would be so easy for him to drive those other barbarians away from the mines. I suspect he was bribed to remain inactive by agents of Venore.
Player: barbarians
Jessica: Those are simple people. Sadly, they have been influenced by others.
Player: mines
Jessica: How convenient for Venore that we lost control over the mines. And isn't it also convenient for Venore that Carlin seems to lack interest to recapture the mines. I'd say that smells like conspiracy.
Player: shamans
Jessica: I can't say that I trust these fellows.
Player: Chyll
Jessica: That belongs to some superstitious belief of the locals.
Player: Nibelor
Jessica: Some mysterious isle which was hardly seen by any outsider. I wonder what's happening there in all that secrecy.
Player: years of serpents
Jessica: The sea serpents were surely the work of Venore. They are the only ones that are unscrupulous enough to execute such a plan. Their disappearance was just part of some conspiracy to lure us here for some reason ...
Jessica: I am only wondering how the Venoreans managed to lure that many serpents to the north.
Player: how are you?
Jessica: I am fine. Odd that you ask though ... I hope you are not up to something.
Player: bye
Jessica: Good bye.

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