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Outfit Addon 1 Addon 2 Addons 1+2
Male Outfit Jersey Male Outfit Jersey Male Addon 1 Outfit Jersey Male Addon 2 Outfit Jersey Male Addon 3
Female Outfit Jersey Female Outfit Jersey Female Addon 1 Outfit Jersey Female Addon 2 Outfit Jersey Female Addon 3


These outfits are only available during FIFA World Cups which makes them the only event outfits and also the only quadrennial event in Tibia. These outfits have no addons and are only available to premium account players.


They were first available during the World Cup of 2014 for 4 weeks and for another week in July 2014 to celebrate Germany's victory.
They will be available for the second time during the World Cup of 2018, 4 weeks starting on June 14, 2018.

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