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The Deepling Language, Volume I: Basics By Lagatos, Chronicler and Scholar To begin studying the language of the deep, one should start with learning the characters and practice basic vocabulary. The first volume of this work will address the former. Alphabet of the Njey A ^ B V C < D ) E - F = G 8 H T I | J J K X L ( M W N " O O P ] Q Q R B S ~ T L U C V > W U X + Y \ Z / Fullstop/Exclamation Mark = ° Question Mark = : Note that when spoken aloud, a 'T' (as in 'h' or 'H') will be pronounced 'aa'. It is only pronounced 'h' if at the beginning of a word. The word 'jakhn' (to destroy/destruction) will be pronounced: "jakaan"

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