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Jekhr is the language spoken by the Deeplings and can be found written in books found in the Fiehonja Library and through a few other sources.


Written Latin Alphabet Pronunciation
^ A a
V B b
< C c
) D d
- E e
= F f
8 G g
T H aa or h (only word-initially)
| I i
J J j
X K k
( L l
W M m
" N n
O O o
] P p
Q Q k
B R r
~ S s
L T t
C U u
> V v
U W w
+ X ks
\ Y y
/ Z z
° . or ! Lowering intonation or forceful articulation
: ? Raising intonation


Written Pronounced English Part of Speech
CL ut and Article
J-T jeh the/that/this Article
8O"" gonn what Pronoun
TO" hon who Pronoun
J-\ jey we/us Pronoun
JT jh I/me Pronoun
XC ku him/he Pronoun
"^ na you Pronoun
VOJT bojh blight/plague/pest Noun
VOB8-|^ borgeia Borgea, the (location) Noun
VO~L bost statue/figure Noun
VBOW-T bromeh swamp Noun
VWT-( buhel visit/visitor Noun
)^X" dakn narrow Noun
)|>|)-j dividej peace Noun
=|- fie light Noun
=|-JT| fiejhi sun/sunlight Noun
=|-LT fieth day/days Noun
8^LT" gathn sand Noun
8|T( gihl safety Noun
8|OLJ^ giotja library Noun
8OCLT"^| gouthnai humanity Noun
8OCLT"^ gouthna human Noun
8OCLT" gouthn surface Noun
8UOV Gwob Gwob, the One Noun
TO"8OC hongou mirror Noun
J^C( Jaul Jaul Noun
JT(^| jhlai waves Noun
JT(| jhli sea/water Noun
JT(imeh jhlimeh seabed Noun
JT(osk jhlosk Undersea, the (location) Noun
J|T jih there Noun
X-"T kenh intruder Noun
XU-T kweh path Noun
(T"J-| lhnjei greet/greeting Noun
(OBXC(T lorkulh perseverance/endurance Noun
L^"J|~ Tanjis Tanjis Noun
QJ-(( Qjell Qjell Noun
BO== roff hand Noun
~CWJT sumjh brother/brothers Noun
CWJTXT sumjhkh brother/brothers-in-arms Noun
OVCJO~ Obujos Obujos Noun
LT" thn face Noun
LOXJT(| tokjhli ship Noun
JT| jhi my Adjective
"^| nai their Adjective
^=^B afar watch Verb
V^J^B bajar to return Verb
<|- cie rise Verb
)JOC djou strike/force Verb
)OJT dojh wipe Verb
-"|=^B enifar reign Verb
J^C jau protect Verb
JC( jul let Verb
JT(|X^ jhlika bathe Verb
JT(JT jhljh swim Verb
JT(O jhlo wade/to wade through Verb
XBCW krum will Verb
(TCW lhum press/press on Verb
(CW- lume reach Verb
WOLOWT motomh travel Verb
WOLOW motom walk Verb
"-L^ neta guide Verb
QOT" qohn obey Verb
QCXT qukh to prevail Verb
~TCW shum march Verb
~O(-~L-T solesteh smile/smiling Verb
LT(| thli to count/countless Verb
LO to shall Verb
LOX\ toky sit/sitting Verb
C~X usk serve Verb
-( el when/if Adverb
=|J fij well/good Adverb
BO ro not Adverb
"J^| njai together Adverb
)JC dju against Preposition
TO ho from/of the Preposition
8OC gou over/up/on Preposition
OT oh for Preposition
CW um in Preposition
)C du three/third Number
-WW emm ten/tenth Number
TO" hon one/first Number
XB| kri eight/eighth Number
(^-X laek seven Number
(O) lod nine/ninth Number
QO qo four/fourth Number
B^C rau two/second Number
B-| rei five/fifth Number
L^C tau six/sixth Number

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