Player: hi
Janz: Welcome to my shop of wonderful carpentry and furniture.
Player: name
Janz: My name is Janz.
Player: job
Janz: I am selling furniture.
Player: furniture or offer
Janz: Well, as you can see, I sell furniture. Ask me for a {trade} if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: gods
Janz: We have little use of your southern gods.
Player: druid
Janz: The druids are shamans from Carlin.
Player: shaman
Janz: The shamans are great seers and healers.
Player: Ferumbras
Janz: That's some evil spirit the people of the south are fearing.
Player: Excalibug
Janz: A weapon that would make woodcutting easy.
Player: King
Janz: I know nothing about kings.
Player: news
Janz: Nothing exciting has happened lately.
Player: Carlin
Janz: I visited Carlin once and I was very impressed. They used less wood then I'd expected but it was a marvellous town.
Player: Edron
Janz: From the tales I heard, it expect it to be a bit like Everspring.
Player: Everspring
Janz: I heard this is some spot in the South which is similar to the place that expects one in the afterlife.
Player: Port Hope
Janz: I heard they used much wood, too, to build that town.
Player: Svargrond
Janz: If it were not for the wood we've gotten from Carlin, the city would for sure look less impressive.
Player: Thais
Janz: I heard Thais is even bigger than Carlin.
Player: Venore
Janz: The people of Carlin are somewhat bothered by Venore.
Player: dwarf
Janz: I heard they are fine woodcutters.
Player: elf
Janz: I heard their city is made of living trees! Imagine!
Player: chakoya
Janz: The chakoyas are real. My grandfather got killed by them.
Player: yeti
Janz: They are rather rare.
Player: dragon
Janz: The dragons usually stay in their areas, so we have little trouble with them.
Player: jarl
Janz: Our jarl is a fine man. I named a cupboard after him.
Player: barbarians
Janz: I am proud to be a barbarian, even though a civilised one of course.
Player: raiders
Janz: They are just greedy for all we have accomplished.
Player: cult
Janz: I don't even understand what that means.
Player: mines
Janz: The mines are somewhere in the mountains. In the early days of our city, many people from Carlin used to work there.
Player: Chyll
Janz: Father north wind knows best.
Player: Nibelor
Janz: Most shamans live there.
Player: years of serpents
Janz: That have been hard years in which we were cut off from our main wood supply. Gladly wood does not suffer much in our climate.
Player: how are you?
Janz: It could be worse I guess.
Player: bye
Janz: Farewell, Warlord of the arena, Player, Hero of Svargrond!
Player: bye
Janz: Good bye.

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