You see Janz
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  • Moved into a new house? I got the perfect furniture for you.


Svargrond, north-east of depot.


Janz sells furniture, wall hangings, decorations, and more. Everything you might need to furnish your home.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


Amphora.gifAmphora4 Gold
Armor Rack.gifArmor Rack90 Gold
Bamboo Wall Lamp (Unlit).gifBamboo Wall Lamp (Unlit)20 Gold
Barrel.gifBarrel12 Gold
Big Table.gifBig Table30 Gold
Birdcage.gifBirdcage50 Gold
Blue Footboard.gifBlue Footboard40 Gold
Blue Headboard.gifBlue Headboard40 Gold
Blue Pillow.gifBlue Pillow25 Gold
Blue Tapestry.gifBlue Tapestry25 Gold
Bookcase.gifBookcase70 Gold
Box.gifBox10 Gold
Cabinet (Venorean).gifCabinet (Venorean)90 Gold
Canopy Footboard.gifCanopy Footboard100 Gold
Canopy Headboard.gifCanopy Headboard100 Gold
Chest.gifChest10 Gold
Chest of Drawers.gifChest of Drawers18 Gold
Chimney.gifChimney200 Gold
Coal Basin (Furniture).gifCoal Basin (Furniture)25 Gold
Cot Footboard.gifCot Footboard20 Gold
Cot Headboard.gifCot Headboard20 Gold
Crate.gifCrate10 Gold
Cuckoo Clock.gifCuckoo Clock40 Gold
Drawer.gifDrawer40 Gold
Dresser.gifDresser25 Gold
Empty Goldfish Bowl.gifEmpty Goldfish Bowl50 Gold
Flower Bowl.gifFlower Bowl6 Gold
Globe.gifGlobe50 Gold
Goblin Statue.gifGoblin Statue50 Gold
God Flowers.gifGod Flowers5 Gold
Green Cushioned Chair.gifGreen Cushioned Chair40 Gold
Green Footboard.gifGreen Footboard40 Gold
Green Headboard.gifGreen Headboard40 Gold
Green Pillow.gifGreen Pillow25 Gold
Green Tapestry.gifGreen Tapestry25 Gold
Hammock Foot Section.gifHammock Foot Section25 Gold
Hammock Head Section.gifHammock Head Section25 Gold
Harp.gifHarp50 Gold
Heart Pillow.gifHeart Pillow30 Gold
Honey Flower.gifHoney Flower5 Gold
Indoor Plant.gifIndoor Plant8 Gold
Large Amphora.gifLarge Amphora50 Gold
Large Trunk.gifLarge Trunk10 Gold
Locker.gifLocker30 Gold
Minotaur Statue.gifMinotaur Statue50 Gold
Orange Tapestry.gifOrange Tapestry25 Gold
Oven (Movable).gifOven (Movable)80 Gold
Pendulum Clock.gifPendulum Clock75 Gold
Piano.gifPiano200 Gold
Picture (Landscape).gifPicture (Landscape)50 Gold
Picture (Portrait).gifPicture (Portrait)50 Gold
Picture (Still Life).gifPicture (Still Life)50 Gold
Potted Flower.gifPotted Flower5 Gold
Purple Tapestry.gifPurple Tapestry25 Gold
Red Cushioned Chair.gifRed Cushioned Chair40 Gold
Red Footboard.gifRed Footboard40 Gold
Red Headboard.gifRed Headboard40 Gold
Red Pillow.gifRed Pillow25 Gold
Red Tapestry.gifRed Tapestry25 Gold
Rocking Chair.gifRocking Chair25 Gold
Rocking Horse.gifRocking Horse30 Gold
Round Blue Pillow.gifRound Blue Pillow25 Gold
Round Purple Pillow.gifRound Purple Pillow25 Gold
Round Red Pillow.gifRound Red Pillow25 Gold
Round Turquoise Pillow.gifRound Turquoise Pillow25 Gold
Simple Footboard.gifSimple Footboard20 Gold
Simple Headboard.gifSimple Headboard20 Gold
Small Blue Pillow.gifSmall Blue Pillow20 Gold
Small Green Pillow.gifSmall Green Pillow20 Gold
Small Ice Statue (Bird).gifSmall Ice Statue (Bird)50 Gold
Small Ice Statue (Fish).gifSmall Ice Statue (Fish)50 Gold
Small Orange Pillow.gifSmall Orange Pillow20 Gold
Small Purple Pillow.gifSmall Purple Pillow20 Gold
Small Red Pillow.gifSmall Red Pillow20 Gold
Small Round Table.gifSmall Round Table25 Gold
Small Table.gifSmall Table20 Gold
Small Turquoise Pillow.gifSmall Turquoise Pillow20 Gold
Small White Pillow.gifSmall White Pillow20 Gold
Sofa Chair.gifSofa Chair55 Gold
Square Table.gifSquare Table25 Gold
Statue (Knight).gifStatue (Knight)50 Gold
Straw Mat Foot Section.gifStraw Mat Foot Section10 Gold
Straw Mat Head Section.gifStraw Mat Head Section10 Gold
Table Lamp.gifTable Lamp35 Gold
Telescope.gifTelescope70 Gold
Torch Bearer (Pickupable, Unlit).gifTorch Bearer (Pickupable, Unlit)10 Gold
Treasure Chest (Ornamented).gifTreasure Chest (Ornamented)1,000 Gold
Trophy Stand.gifTrophy Stand50 Gold
Trough.gifTrough7 Gold
Vase.gifVase3 Gold
Wall Candle (Unlit).gifWall Candle (Unlit)20 Gold
Wall Lamp (Pickupable, Unlit).gifWall Lamp (Pickupable, Unlit)10 Gold
Wall Mirror (Edged).gifWall Mirror (Edged)40 Gold
Wall Mirror (Oval).gifWall Mirror (Oval)40 Gold
Wall Mirror (Round).gifWall Mirror (Round)40 Gold
Wardrobe (Venorean).gifWardrobe (Venorean)50 Gold
Water Pipe.gifWater Pipe40 Gold
Weapon Rack.gifWeapon Rack90 Gold
White Tapestry.gifWhite Tapestry25 Gold
Wooden Chair.gifWooden Chair15 Gold
Yellow Footboard.gifYellow Footboard40 Gold
Yellow Headboard.gifYellow Headboard40 Gold
Yellow Pillow.gifYellow Pillow25 Gold
Yellow Tapestry.gifYellow Tapestry25 Gold


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Janz.

Player: hi
Janz: Welcome to my shop of wonderful carpentry and furniture.
Player: name
Janz: My name is Janz.
Player: job
Janz: I am selling furniture.
Player: furniture or offer
Janz: Well, as you can see, I sell furniture. Ask me for a {trade} if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: gods
Janz: We have little use of your southern gods.
Player: druid
Janz: The druids are shamans from Carlin.
Player: shaman
Janz: The shamans are great seers and healers.
Player: Ferumbras
Janz: That's some evil spirit the people of the south are fearing.
Player: Excalibug
Janz: A weapon that would make woodcutting easy.
Player: King
Janz: I know nothing about kings.
Player: news
Janz: Nothing exciting has happened lately.
Player: Carlin
Janz: I visited Carlin once and I was very impressed. They used less wood then I'd expected but it was a marvellous town.
Player: Edron
Janz: From the tales I heard, it expect it to be a bit like Everspring.
Player: Everspring
Janz: I heard this is some spot in the South which is similar to the place that expects one in the afterlife.
Player: Port Hope
Janz: I heard they used much wood, too, to build that town.
Player: Svargrond
Janz: If it were not for the wood we've gotten from Carlin, the city would for sure look less impressive.
Player: Thais
Janz: I heard Thais is even bigger than Carlin.
Player: Venore
Janz: The people of Carlin are somewhat bothered by Venore.
Player: dwarf
Janz: I heard they are fine woodcutters.
Player: elf
Janz: I heard their city is made of living trees! Imagine!
Player: chakoya
Janz: The chakoyas are real. My grandfather got killed by them.
Player: yeti
Janz: They are rather rare.
Player: dragon
Janz: The dragons usually stay in their areas, so we have little trouble with them.
Player: jarl
Janz: Our jarl is a fine man. I named a cupboard after him.
Player: barbarians
Janz: I am proud to be a barbarian, even though a civilised one of course.
Player: raiders
Janz: They are just greedy for all we have accomplished.
Player: cult
Janz: I don't even understand what that means.
Player: mines
Janz: The mines are somewhere in the mountains. In the early days of our city, many people from Carlin used to work there.
Player: Chyll
Janz: Father north wind knows best.
Player: Nibelor
Janz: Most shamans live there.
Player: years of serpents
Janz: That have been hard years in which we were cut off from our main wood supply. Gladly wood does not suffer much in our climate.
Player: how are you?
Janz: It could be worse I guess.
Player: bye
Janz: Farewell, Warlord of the arena, Player, Hero of Svargrond!
Player: bye
Janz: Good bye.