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Jamera was merged along with Balera and Shanera into a new world Garnera on August 14, 2014.

Additional Information


  • Jamera is a nice server to play since there isn't much power abuse from the leading guild.

Guild at Power

The Guild Pandemoniun is currently at power.

The first guild to dominate Jamera was Factor Nine (sometimes referred to as F9), who were defeated by Predators, know today as Old Predators.

Old Predators were defeated by Pandemoniun.

Blood Moon tried to take the power from Pandemoniun but they lost the war.


The Currently Top 3 In Level Are:

  1. [1]Nubagui Corporation (Level 443)
  2. [2] Hiruzen (Level 424)
  3. [3] Don Cloud (Level 417)

The Currently top 3 In Magic Level Are:

  1. [4] Don Cloud(Magic Level 99)
  1. [5] Nubagui Corporation (Magic Level 98)
  1. [6] Druid Inssano (Magic Level 92)

The Currently top 3 In Achievement Are:

  1. Kiyumed (447 Points)
  2. Kenzo Walker (426 Points)
  3. Rikky Talyn (418 Points)

Rare items in Jamera

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