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[[Image:Golden_Key.gif|left]][[Golden Key]], [[Copper Key]], [[Crystal Key]], [[Wooden Key]], [[Silver Key]], [[Purple Key]], [[Orange Key]], [[Green Key]], [[Bone Key]]
[[Image:Golden_Key.gif|left]][[Golden Key]], [[Copper Key]], [[Crystal Key]], [[Wooden Key]], [[Silver Key]], [[Purple Key]], [[Orange Key]], [[Green Key]], [[Bone Key]]
[[Image:Rope.gif|left]][[Rope]], [[Shovel]], [[Pick]], [[Ice Pick]], [[Pickaxe]], [[Small Axe]], [[Fishing Rod]], [[Machete]], [[Trap]], [[Cleaver]], [[Wooden Hammer]], [[Watch]]. [[Broom]], [[Crowbar]], [[Rake]], [[Pitchfork]], [[Mirror]], [[Saw]], [[Butterfly Conservation Kit]], [[Botanist's Container]].
[[Image:Rope.gif|left]][[Rope]], [[Shovel]], [[Pick]], [[Ice Pick]], [[Pickaxe]], [[Small Axe]], [[Fishing Rod]], [[Machete]], [[Trap]], [[Cleaver]], [[Wooden Hammer]], [[Hammer]], [[Watch]]. [[Broom]], [[Crowbar]], [[Rake]], [[Pitchfork]], [[Mirror]], [[Saw]], [[Butterfly Conservation Kit]], [[Botanist's Container]].
[[Image:Light.gif|left]][[Candelabrum|Candelabrum or Candelabra]], [[Candlestick]], [[Lamp]], [[Torch]], [[Coal Basin]], [[Table Lamp]], [[Pumpkinhead]], [[Magic Light Wand]].<br><br><br>
[[Image:Light.gif|left]][[Candelabrum|Candelabrum or Candelabra]], [[Candlestick]], [[Lamp]], [[Torch]], [[Coal Basin]], [[Table Lamp]], [[Pumpkinhead]], [[Magic Light Wand]].<br><br><br>

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Armor Pieces


Noob Set, Rook Set, Plate Set, Knight Set, Demon Set, Dragon Set, Studded Set, Chain Set, Leather Set, Crown Set, Dark Set, Brass Set, Golden Set and Dream Set.


Golden Helmet
Leather Helmet, Chain Helmet, Studded Helmet, Brass Helmet, Viking Helmet, Legion Helmet, Soldier Helmet, Steel Helmet, Dark Helmet, Iron Helmet, Strange Helmet, Dwarfen Helmet, Mystic Turban, Hat of the Mad, Magician's Hat, Post Officer's Hat, Crown Helmet, Devil's Helmet, Warrior Helmet, Crusader Helmet, Royal Helmet, Demon Helmet, Winged Helmet, Full Helmet of the Ancients, Helmet of the Ancients, Horseman Helmet, Horned Helmet, Golden Helmet, Charmer Tiara, Ancient Tiara, Beholder Helmet, Feather Headdress, Tribal Mask.


Golden Armor
Cape, Coat, Jacket, Green Tunic, Red Tunic, Red Robe, Doublet, Leather Armor, Studded Armor, Chain Armor, Brass Armor, Scale Armor, Leopard Armor, Plate Armor, Dark Armor, Noble Armor, Knight Armor, Crown Armor, Blue Robe, Golden Armor, Dragon Scale Mail, Magic Plate Armor, Demon Armor.


Golden Legs
Leather Legs, Studded Legs, Chain Legs, Brass Legs, Plate Legs, Knight Legs, Crown Legs, Golden Legs, Demon Legs, Dragon Scale Legs.


Golden Boots
Sandals, Leather Boots, Crocodile Boots , Boots of Haste, Steel Boots, Golden Boots, Soft Boots, Boots of Water Walking.


Blessed Shield

Amazon Shield, Ancient Shield, Battle Shield, Beholder Shield, Black Shield, Blessed Shield, Bone Shield, Brass Shield, Castle Shield, Copper Shield, Crown Shield, Dark Shield, Demon Shield, Dragon Shield, Dwarven Shield, Great Shield, Griffin Shield, Guardian Shield, Mastermind Shield, Medusa Shield, Mercenary Shield, Ornamented Shield, Phoenix Shield, Plate Shield, Rose Shield, Salamander Shield, Scarab Shield, Sentinel Shield, Shield of Honor, Steel Shield, Studded Shield, Tower Shield, Tusk Shield, Unholy Shield, Vampire Shield, Viking Shield, Wooden Shield.


Axe Weapons

Sickle, Hand Axe, Axe, Golden Sickle, Hatchet, Orcish Axe, Battle Axe, Barbarian Axe, Knight Axe, Obsidian Lance, Double Axe, Dwarven Axe, Halberd, Fire Axe, Naginata, Daramanian Waraxe, Guardian Halberd, Dragon Lance, Stonecutter's Axe, Great Axe, Twin Axe, Golden Halberd, Ripper Lance, Hunting Spear.

Club Weapons

Thunder Hammer
Crowbar, Club, Studded Club, Staff, Enchanted Staff, Bone Club, Mace, Iron Hammer, Daramanian Mace, Battle Hammer, Giant Smithing Hammer, Morning Star, Clerical Mace, Skull Staff, Silver Mace, War Hammer, Dragon Hammer, Thunder Hammer, Golden Mace, Crystal Mace, Hammer of Wrath, Mace of Fury.

Sword Weapons

Magic Longsword
Knife, Dagger, Combat Knife, Silver Dagger, Rapier, Short Sword, Sabre, Sword, Bone Sword, Poison Dagger, Carlin Sword, Heavy Machete, Katana, Longsword, Scimitar, Broad Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Ice Rapier, Spike Sword, Serpent Sword, Fire Sword, Pharaoh Sword, Bright Sword, Giant Sword, Magic Sword, Warlord Sword, Magic Longsword, Djinn Blade, Cobrafang Dagger, Templar Scytheblade.

Distance Weapons

Spear, Small Stone, Snowball, Throwing Star, Throwing Knife, Bow, Crossbow.


Arrow, Poison Arrow, Burst Arrow, Bolt, Power Bolt.

Magic Items

Magical Items

Ancient Rune, Ankh, Blessed Ankh, Blood Orb, Blue Note, Crystal Ball, Damaged Helmet, Frozen Starlight, Crystal Arrow, Ornamented Ankh, Sword Hilt, Burning Heart, Holy Scarab, Holy Falcon, Life Crystal, Mind Stone, Mysterious Fetish, Orb, Orb of Nature, Spellbook, Talon, Helmet Ornament, Strange Symbol, Roc Feather.


Heavy Magic Missile
Blank Rune, Animate Dead, Antidote Rune, Chameleon, Convince Creature, Desintegrate, Destroy Field, Energybomb, Energy Field, Energy Wall, Envenom, Explosion, Fire Field, Fireball, Firebomb, Fire Wall, Great Fireball, Heavy Magic Missile, Intense Healing Rune, Light Magic Missile, Magic Wall, Paralyze, Poison Bomb Poison Field, Poison Wall, Soulfire, Sudden Death, Ultimate Healing Rune.


Wand of Inferno
Wand of Vortex, Wand of Dragonbreath, Wand of Plague, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Wand of Inferno.

Other wands are Magic Light Wand and Crystal Wand.


Tempest Rod
Snakebite Rod, Moonlight Rod, Volcanic Rod, Quagmire Rod, Tempest Rod.


Amulets and Necklaces

Amulet of Loss

Amulet of Life, Amulet of Loss, Ancient Amulet, Broken Amulet, Bronze Amulet, Crystal Necklace, Demonbone Necklace, Dragon Necklace, Elven Amulet, Garlic Necklace, Golden Amulet, Paw Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Protection Amulet, Ruby Necklace, Scarab Amulet, Scarf, Silver Amulet, Silver Necklace, Star Amulet, Stone Skin Amulet, Strange Talisman, Wolf Tooth Chain.


Time Ring

Axe Ring, Club Ring, Crystal Ring, Dwarven Ring, Emerald Bangle, Energy Ring, Golden Ring, Life Ring, Might Ring, Power Ring, Ring Of Healing, Ring Of The Sky, Stealth Ring, Sword Ring, Time Ring, Wedding Ring.


Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Bread, Brown Bread, Brown Mushroom, Candy Cane, Carrot, Cheese, Cherry, Coconut, Cookie, Corncob, Dark Mushroom, Dough, Dragon Ham, Egg, Fire Mushroom, Fish, Flour, Grapes, Green Mushroom, Ham, Hydra Egg, Meat, Melon, Orange, Orange Mushroom, Pear, Pumpkin, Red Mushroom, Roll, Salmon, Shrimp, Strange Powder, Strawberry, Tomato, Wheat, White Mushroom, Wood Mushroom.


Mana Fluid
Beer, Blood, Lemonade, Life Fluid, Mana Fluid, Milk, Mud, Oil, Slime, Urine, Water, Wine.


Golden Key
Golden Key, Copper Key, Crystal Key, Wooden Key, Silver Key, Purple Key, Orange Key, Green Key, Bone Key


Rope, Shovel, Pick, Ice Pick, Pickaxe, Small Axe, Fishing Rod, Machete, Trap, Cleaver, Wooden Hammer, Hammer, Watch. Broom, Crowbar, Rake, Pitchfork, Mirror, Saw, Butterfly Conservation Kit, Botanist's Container.


Candelabrum or Candelabra, Candlestick, Lamp, Torch, Coal Basin, Table Lamp, Pumpkinhead, Magic Light Wand.


Gold Coin
Big Emerald, Big Ruby, Black Pearl, Blue Gem, Crown, Crystal Coin, Gold Coin, Gold Nugget, Elephant Tusk, Phoenix Egg, Platinum Coin, Red Gem, Scarab Coin, Small Amethyst, Small Diamond, Small Emerald, Small Sapphire, Violet Gem, White Pearl, Yellow Gem, Orichalcum Pearl, Small Ruby.


Explorer Brooch
Brooch, Elven Brooch, Explorer Brooch, Family Brooch (Family Windtrouser), Family Brooch (Dwarven Family), Silver Brooch.


Tapestries and other Wall hangings

Blue Tapestry, Green Tapestry, Orange Tapestry, Purple Tapestry, White Tapestry, Yellow Tapestry, Oval Mirror, Edged Mirror, Round Mirror, Stillife Picture, Portrait Picture, Landscape Picture, Cuckoo Clock.


Heart Pillow
Small Pillows, Round Pillows, Square Pillows, Heart Pillow.


Teddy Bear
Annihilation Bear, Birdcages, Christmas Tree, Cuckoo Clocks, Doll, Edged Mirror, Football, Fork, Gemmed Lamp, Globes, Knife, Landscape Pictures, Mirrors, Model Ship, Oval Mirror, Oven Spatula, Panda Teddy, Pan, Piggy Bank, Plate, Portrait Picture, Rocking Horses, Rolling Pin, Round Mirror, Skull of Ratha, Small Oil Lamp, Spoon, Stillife Picture, Teddy Bear, Vases, Voodoodoll, Voodoo Doll, Water Pipes, Wooden Doll, Wooden Spoon, Telescopes.

Herbs and Flowers

Sling Herb

Big Flowerpot, Blood Herb, Blue Rose, Exotic Flower, Fern, Flower Bowl, Goat Grass, God Flower, Grave Flower, Honey Flower, Indoor Plant, Moon Flower, Orange Star, Potted Flower, Powder Herb, Red Rose, Shadow Herb, Sling Herb, Star Herb, Stone Herb, Troll Green, Tulip, Yellow Rose.


Item Containers

Backpack, Backpack of Holding, Bag, Bamboo Drawer, Barrel, Basket, Box, Chest, Crate, Drawer, Locker, Trunk, Present Box, Parcel, Sam's Backpack, Santa Claus' Bag, Stamped Parcel, Funeral Urn.

Liquids Containers

Amphora, Bottle, Bowl, Brown Flask, Bucket, Cup, Golden Mug, Jug, Mug, Large Amphora, Pot, Green Flask, Trough, Vase, Vial, Waterskin, Ectoplasm Container.

Musical Instruments


Didgeridoo, Drum, Fanfare, Flute, Harp, Lute, Lyre, Panpipes, Piano, Post Horn, Royal Fanfare, Simple Fanfare.

Books and Other Writeable Documents

Book, Black Tome, Blue Mapbook, Blue Tome, Cookbook, Document, Grey Tome, Green Tome, T-Book, Label, Letter, Map 1, Map 2, Paper, Parchment, Purple Tome, Red Tome, Scroll, Spy Report.



Small Round Table
Bamboo Table, Big Table, Small Round Table, Small Table, Square Table, Stone Table, Trunk Table, Tusk Table.


Wooden Chair
Green Cushioned Chair, Ivory Chair, Red Cushioned Chair, Rocking Chair, Sofa Chair, Trunk Chair, Tusk Chair, Wooden Chair.

Decorative Furniture Items

Christmas Tree
Telescope, Rocking Horse, Globe, Birdcage, Christmas Tree, Pendulum Clock, Water Pipe.


Model Ship
Knight Statue, Goblin Statue, Minotaur Statue, Model Ship, Piggy Bank.

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