The city of Issavi is located on the island of Kilmaresh, here, which is found north-east of Krailos. It is reachable by ship from Venore, Oramond, Darashia or Krailos and by Magic Carpet from any city with the service.

Issavi was built on Kilmaresh about a thousand years ago, when the old capital, Nuur, was destroyed by Suon's Wrath, an event that split the island into smaller pieces and was triggered by the raise of the Fafnar Cultists. Nuur was so big that it occupied most of Kilmaresh, and its ruins can still be seen all over the steppe. Nowadays, the worship of Fafnar is forbidden in Issavi. After Suon's Wrath, Bastesh was chosen as the new god that is Suon's true sister, and the god duality of the city of Issavi was restored. The ruler of Issavi is always a wise Anuma.


Issavi NPCs (35 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Alyxo Alyxo.gif Artist Northeast of the Issavi depot.
Ambassador of Rathleton Ambassador of Rathleton.gif Representative Issavi palace, four floors up.
Atur Atur.gif Banker East Issavi.
Captain Coohan Captain Coohan.gif Unknown. Rascacoon
Captain Harava Captain Harava.gif Ship Captain His ship on Kilmaresh.
Captain Jack Rat Captain Jack Rat.gif Unknown. Rascacoon
Eliyas Eliyas.gif Shopkeeper Issavi's marketplace, south of the depot.
Eshaya Eshaya.gif Clan Leader North of Issavi's marketplace, one floor up.
Eustacio's Spy Rat Eustacio's Spy Rat.gif Spy Rascacoon
Faloriel Faloriel.gif Magic Shopkeeper Issavi's marketplace, south of the depot.
Guard Bazaya Guard Bazaya.gif Guard Near Issavi's southeastern gate.
Guard Inurta Guard Inurta.gif Guard Issavi palace, three floors up.
Guard Saros Guard Saros.gif Guard South of the Issavi depot.
Guard Senet Guard Senet.gif Guard In Issavi's prison, on the ground floor of the palace.
Guide Meruka Guide Meruka.gif Informer North-west in town, near the ship.
Inkaef Inkaef.gif Furniture Shopkeeper Issavi's
Iptar-Sin Iptar-Sin.gif Cleric
Above the Issavi depot.
Kallimae Kallimae.gif Representative Next to Issavi's depot, two floors up.
Khanna Khanna.gif Magic Shopkeeper Issavi's marketplace, south of the depot.
Moe Moe.gif Adventurer Two floors up southwest of the Issavi depot.
Narsai Narsai.gif Clairvoyant South of the marketplace
Ninev Ninev.gif Cleric South-west in town, in a bathhouse
Ninos Ninos.gif Postman Southwest of the Issavi depot.
Om'Wake Naha Om'Wake Naha.gif Trader Rascacoon
Ramina Ramina.gif Barkeeper Southwest of the Issavi depot.
Saideh Saideh.gif Informer At the center of the Kilmaresh Mountains behind a waterfall.
Shimun Shimun.gif Fisherman Nykri Delta in Kilmaresh.
Tamed Lion Tamed Lion.gif Unknown Occupation Issavi palace, three floors up.
Tanyt Tanyt.gif Magic Carpet Manager Issavi Magic Carpet platform
Taya Taya.gif Cleric Near the small temple of the Nykri Delta.
Tefrit Tefrit.gif Equipment Shopkeeper On top of the Kilmaresh Mountains.
The Empress The Empress.gif Monarch Issavi palace, four floors up.
The Librarian The Librarian.gif Librarian Issavi palace
Tik'hi Tak'he Tik'hi Tak'he.gif Shaman Rascacoon
Yonan Yonan.gif Jewelry Shopkeeper Issavi's marketplace, south of the depot.