You see Iskan
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Svargrond, on the ice area north of the city


Iskan manages a Dog Sled and will only help those who are considered "true barbarians". He will transport you to Nibelor if you fulfil his request. He does not like those who kill Huskies.

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Player: hi
Iskan: Greetings. What can I do for you?
Player: do for you
Iskan: I run the dog sled service from this city to Nibelor.
Player: name
Iskan: I am Iskan.
Player: job or shop
Iskan: I run the dog sled service from this city to Nibelor.
Player: nibelor
Iskan: I can bring you to Nibelor with the sled if you want to. Just ask for a passage.
Player: city or Svargrond
Iskan: This city seems to be growing every day. First, there have been only a few huts and now ... look around, houses everywhere.
Player: barbarian
Iskan: Our people are very proud and honest. I guess that's more than most people can say about themselves and their people, right boys?
Player: rumours
Iskan: I heard something about a ship crashing in the shelf ice between Nibelor and Grimlund. If I were you, I wouldn't go to chakoya terrain. It's pretty dangerous.
Player: chakoya
Iskan: Nasty little beasts. Me and the boys had quite some bloody encounters with them on the ice.
Player: monsters
Iskan: The boys warn me in advance if a monster is around.
Player: cult
Iskan: My boys did not like the guys that were travelling through our city, and I trust in their instincts. Isn't it so, boys?
Player: yeti
Iskan: The yeti is real and dangerous.
Player: test
Iskan: I am not sure what to think about this new custom to accept foreigners as one of us after passing that test. But it's the Jarl's decision, not mine.
Player: camps
Iskan: The raiders camps are far to the south. There are three of them. Small camp sites of raiding parties might be found almost anywhere though.
Player: raiders
Iskan: They are sometimes trying to catch me and the boys. Such fools, they will never get us. Right, boys?
Player: enemies
Iskan: The boys can tell who's an enemy just by the smell.
Player: bonelords
Iskan: I'll tell you something. I have seen such a creature once, far on the ice to the east. It was the coldest winter I can remember and the chakoyas were roaming the ice almost everywhere. ...
Iskan: To evade them, me and the boys had to walk a long way to a spot where the ice was treacherous and thin. ...
Iskan: And there I've seen such a creature. The boys went almost mad and I turned my sled immediately. No idea how we made it home. True story.
Player: Edron, Thais, Carlin, Venore, Port Hope
Iskan: Me and the boys care only about our own territory.
Player: druids
Iskan: I guess their healing powers are almost as useful as those of our shamans.
Player: shamans
Iskan: I guess there are guys like me that have a talent to talk to dogs and there are guys like the shamans that have the talent to talk to spirits.
Player: king or queen
Iskan: We don't need any kings or queens. Am I right, boys? Yeah, I am.
Player: leader
Iskan: Sven the Younger is our current Jarl. For my standards he's still a puppy, but a smart one at least.
Player: excalibug
Iskan: Yeah, where could it be. That's the question.
Player: ferumbras
Iskan: Easy, boys! Don't mention that name again. Makes the boys nuts, ye know?
Player: gods or Uman or Zathroth or Banor
Iskan: In my whole long life, I've not seen any sign of those gods the people of the south are constantly talking about.
Player: chyll
Iskan: The icy father. We know him all too well, am I right boys? He has claimed so many old friends in all those years. So many.
Player: bye
Iskan: Good bye.

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