Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Kazordoon
Position 127.137, 124.182, 11
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Cleric
Other Properties
Version 6.1
December 23, 2000
Status Active
You see Isimov.
NPC Bubble D
  • The life of a dwarf is an eternal struggle. It hardens us and makes us the fine race we are, jawoll.


His full name is Isimov Dustbeard, son of Fire and Earth, from the Molten Rock.
He resides in the Kazordoon Temple, assisting adventurers by healing them up to 65 hp and removing any harmful Status Conditions.

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 ==== General keywords ====

Player: hi
Isimov: Hiho Player and greetings my child!
Player: god or keeper
Isimov: The gods abandoned us, we abandoned the gods. That's it, no big deal I tell ya, jawoll.
Player: job
Isimov: I am the master of the hall of the ancients.
Player: hall of the ancients
Isimov: The burial chamber of our ancestors. All of the firstborn of our race are there .. all but Durin.
Player: life
Isimov: Life is easy to understand, you have birth, you have death. Simple stuff, even elves could grasp the concept.
Player: name
Isimov: My name is Isimov Dustbearer, Son of Fire and Earth, from the Molten Rock.
Player: quest
Isimov: You are too young for quests, jawoll.
Player: Tibia
Isimov: A world of dangers, a world of wonders.
Player: time
Isimov: I think it's the fourth age of the yellow flame, isn't it?
Player: monsters
Isimov: Only another nuisance.
Player: elves
Isimov: Bah, squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits, elves ... who cares.

Excalibur and Ferumbras

Player: Excalibug
Isimov: Ahhh! Whan I was a little dwarf I was on a quest to find it. I was almost literally digging up the ghostlands for it and now only one thing is sure: It must be elsewere, jawoll.
Player: Ferumbras
Isimov: I have seen many of his type coming and going. He will fall and anotherone will take his place.


Player: technomancers
Isimov: Strange, are they still around? Well, give them one or two hundred years and they are gone again, jawoll.
Player: geomancers
Isimov: They whorship the elemental forces of earth.
Player: fire
simov: It's warm, it's useful, we use it. We decide when or how, jawoll.
Player: earth
Isimov: Gives us food and shelter, quite useful isn't it?
Player: Durin
Isimov: Ah yes, the first born. He became a higher entity to protect us. His mortal remains were buried at a remote spot where only pilgrims disturb their peace now and then.


Player: Kazordoon
Isimov: The last haven for dwarfenkind. Our last hope for our survival.
Player: The Big Old One
Isimov: This mountain is as old as the world. The first dwarfs were born here.
Player: Bezil
Isimov: Bezil and Nezil are typical profiteers. Fine new breed of dwarfs we raised, pah.
Player: Nezil
Isimov: Bezil and Nezil are typical profiteers. Fine new breed of dwarfs we raised, pah.
Player: Duria
Isimov: Could become a great warrior one day. Still needs to learn so much.
Player: Etzel
Isimov: Etzel, good old Etzel. I was his tutor long ago. Now he's running a guild ... they grow so fast ... so fast, jawoll.
Player: Jimbin
Isimov: Isn't that the kid that took over the Jolly Axeman tavern? Far too young for such a job, but did anyone ask me? No!
Player: Kroox
Isimov: What a hasty fellow. Can't be healthy to live in such a hurry, jawoll.
Player: Maryza
Isimov: How could she marry this Jimbin? I mean, they are kids! Know nothing about life and stuff. Couldn't they wait at least hundred years or so?
Player: Uzgod
Isimov: Has hardly a beard and already forgotten the traditions of his ancestors. Modern techniques ... almost like one of these technomancers.
Player: Emperor or Kruzak
Isimov: The emperor resides far above us in the upper caves. Sometimes I wonder if it's good that the emperor is that much away from the temples.
Player: bye
Isimov: Take care, Player!

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