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Isara was merged along with Eternia and Hiberna into a new world Rowana on August 14, 2014.

Isara Facts

  • The name Isara comes from a German river, Isar, located near München.
  • The first Demon Legs was of Mediota Del'Toro. The Demon Legs Quest still existed on the early days of Isara and players managed to complete it. Today, the Demon Legs are owned by Cramloth.
  • Isara was the first world to complete the Annihilator Quest, done by Diego Del'Toro and Lucas Del'Toro both at level 100.
  • Isara is the homeworld of Mediota Del'Toro, the first player to solo the Demon Helmet Quest.
  • Thais is one of the biggest PK cities of Isara, since there are many high level free account players and teams.
  • Carlin is most of the time quiet, but look out for people that make traps. It's a better place for free account low levels after leaving rookgaard than Thais!
  • People use letters in order to show that they have a certain spawn. Don't enter if there is a letter, that makes people angry.
  • Helixiz together with Vilden was the first team to block and take down Orshabaal on Isara.
  • Bapupa, now Bapster was one of the most famous pks in old system pvp in all tibia, all isarians know the Banshee Massacre.
  • Many wars, the most famous guilds are Misdirect, Three Hundred and Teh Hard Way. The most famous disbanned guilds are Kongs (restarted) and Del'Toros.
  • There are many people from other worlds like Shivera and Iridia.
  • Watch your back when hunting, many people like to random attack someone.
  • First Isarian in complete Vampire Hunter Quest was Sjaak and the 3rd in all tibia.
  • First Isarian in complete a Ring of Ending without die was Churritox.

Players with the highest level

Golden Goblet Siberion level 498, EK
Silver Goblet Levah level 451, RP
Bronze Goblet Hita Schin level 450, RP

Players with the best skill

Hellforged AxeAxeZativ105
Thunder HammerClubMc Quack98
The DevileyeDistanceArco Aris114
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistLord Oliver78
Blade of CorruptionSwordZbieracz Irl105
Rainbow ShieldShieldingZbieracz Irl103
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicLord Dirkske92
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingAmeriov Rookstayer96
Gamemaster.gif Achievements Allexxs 603


FerumbrasFerumbras has been seen on the server 1 time and never got killed, the date is still unknown.
GhazbaranGhazbaran has been seen on the server 1 time and got killed. Blocker was Vincent Godlike - 280ek who got deleted few days after it.
MorgarothMorgaroth has been seen on the server 2 times and got killed, most recent Iseius was the blocker.
OrshabaalOrshabaal has been seen on the server 5 times and got killed 4 times. Cramloth was main blocker 2 times.

Isara Rares

PoI Boss Items

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