Basement: 4 Small Windows, 2 Wall Lamps, Grey Stone, Brown Tiled floor.
Ground floor: 3 Windows, 1 Candle, Brown Tiled floor.
Upper floor: 2 Windows, 2 Candles, Parquet Floor.
Roof: 2 Small Windows, 1 Chimney.
Outside: Eaves Gutter, Rain Barrel.


Southern Venore.


This house is a semi-detached house, together with Iron Alley 1. These are the rooms:

  • ground floor: 3x4 sqm bed room, 4x4 sqm room.
  • first floor: 4x5 sqm room.
  • second floor: 4x5 sqm bed room.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 3450 gold per month.

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