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General Information

Irmada was one of the seven gameworlds created in the third batch of Game World Merges (Berylia + Iridia + Morgana). Its creation was officially announced here.

Irmada is also known with forum fighting, trolling and jokes and annoying enemey guilds with posts about frags etc.

The Oldest active guild is Shadowless.

War in Irmada

Since the start of Irmada, Veritas Santare and Headless have been at war. Veritas Santare has been defeated by Headless, with the help of Revengers.

At the start of February 2016, the guild Revengers has transferred to Irmada in order to kick Inflexible Tilio after he scammed multiple people.

After Veritas Santare was kicked, war unleashed again between Revengers and Headless.

Irmada is now at war, Revengers vs Headless .

Additional Information

  • The First player reaching Level 600 on Irmada was Klief Adas.
  • Rising Rebels neutral guild was the first team to finish Ferumbras' Ascension Quest.


  • A lot of nice and helpful people.
  • As of the battles going on, there is a bigger chance to encounter free spawns.
  • The guilds are hosting quest services for neutral players.


  • Hard to sell rarer items.
  • Overpriced rare items.
  • Not a lot of players online at the same time.
  • War guilds are botting characters, and often force you to leave a spawn.
  • Hard to do world quest, since the leading guilds and theyr enemyes are always in Wars and there are few people intrested in thouse since they already have the rewards / achievements possible to get from them.

Nationalities in Irmada

This server is own most by players from Poland and Brazil, few from Spain, Egypt, Germany, Sweden and some from Norway. You can barely see nowadays on Irmada other nationalities.

Most representatives players by language:


Golden Trophy of ExcellenceExperienceKlief Adas746
Spellbook of Ancient ArcanaMagicKing Bossar115
Great ShieldShieldingBling Princess Cena118
The DevileyeDistanceBling Princess Cena130
The EpiphanySwordOdynieck123
Dark Trinity MaceClubRomanista119
Solar AxeAxePollux Aran120
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistSir Lukkey69
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingDemon Rook'stayer94
GamemasterAchievementsLord Uria Safer930
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