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Iridia was merged along with Berylia and Morgana into a new world Irmada on November 10, 2014.

Additional Information

  • First level 200 on Iridia was Chealino(Murat).
  • First level 200 knight was Huxy . (a few days after Chealino made level 200)
  • First level 100 sorcerer was Sesulo (Johnny).
  • First level 100 druid was Firenze Bellator (Peter).

Nationalities in Iridia

The server had mostly players from Poland. But also a few from Egypt, Germany, Brazil and Sweden.


The last war of Iridia (before the merge of Irmada) was between Discenda Est Virtus and Mata Rinduu.

The war was won by Discenda Est Virtus.

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