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General Information

Iona was one of the seven gameworlds created in the third batch of Game World Merges (Lunara + Nova + Titania). Its creation was officially announced here.

This game world has been actively shielded by BattlEye since July 4, 2017.


Before Iona was created various people played all three servers and therefore there was already a connection between the guild Reapers from Lunara and some of the top guilds in Titania and Nova. When the day of the merge arrived alliances were forged and the Reapers formed an alliance with their friends from Nova and Titania while the Novan guild Missed in Action was frightened by the Reapers and gave up the newly formed server. Thus, Nova had surrendered to either transfer away or join the Reapers. Titania had two big guilds, one lead by the experienced Emzy Thainheart and the other made a strategic alliance with the Reapers. The war raged for many weeks until the leadership of the Reapers had proven themselves to be unbeatable in combat. Every character that had supported the enemy guilds were hunted off the server, even peaceful guilds such as the Winterhearts were soon demolished by the Reapers.

Time passed and Reapers characters were repeatedly deleted for botting, but without any enemies, the time of the Reapers had only begun. Iona was one of the first servers that were merged that got completely dominated by a leading guild. Because of the low amount of players on the server, people from foreign servers tried to conquer it, but without prevail. The Reapers valiantly defended its glory and is still undefeated in combat.

The first character on Open PvP to ever gain level 700 and 800 was Orco Gitu which resided on Iona at the time of the advances. He later transferred away to another server.

Rare Items

Nova was the second oldest server. Because of this, when Iona was created, many valuable and rare items were on display in the houses of Iona.

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