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This led to a rise of steam technology which to the simple-minded must have seemed like magic. Though far removed form the accomplishments of the fabled Yalahari, their progress in those years must have been remarkable whereas in the present it has come to a crawl. Perhaps there are only so many secrets to be unlocked in the mundane world, but only the secrets of magic are endless. But I'm getting carried away.
It seems that even with the destruction of the blood lord, some of his rituals prevailed. Perhaps there has always been a circle of trusted collaborators, who knows. When my order arrived here, that cult prospered again and had intoxicated the royal line. So when our detachment arrived here, the isle was again in the grip of a ruthless dictatorship and alliance with some gruesome blood cult.
The destruction of the cult led to a power vacuum that had to be filled. Two generations of lord protectors have until now overseen the well-being of the native people, and although it is increasingly hard to keep contact with the mainland, our protectorate flourishes. I consider myself fortunate that my superiors in the order allowed me to do my research here. I will prove to them that even without the abilities of dreamwalking I'm a useful member of the order. I've already planned several expeditions with the help of the natives, using old folklore as guidance. With the gracious help of the current Lord Protector, everything seems possible. Who knows what secrets I might discover. Perhaps I can prove that here is indeed what is left of the once proud city of Yalahar.

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