In the Inventory you can check your character's items and capacity. In the Stand-Alone Client the Inventory is grouped with the Combat Controls, Soul Points, and Special Conditions. These are separate windows in the Flash Client.

Stand-Alone Flash
StandAloneInventory.png FlashInventory.png


There are 10 square slots to which you can put items for your character. These are:

  • on the left from the top to the bottom:
    • Amulet slot - to put an amulet here,
    • Weapon hand slot - to put a weapon here,
    • Ring slot - to put a ring here,
  • in the middle from the top to the bottom:
    • Head slot - to put a helmet here,
    • Torso slot - to put an armor here,
    • Legs slot - to put legs here,
    • Feet slot - to put boots here,
  • on the right from the top to the bottom:

There are also four additional boxes in the four corners around the Inventory in the Flash Client and one box in the top right of the Stand-Alone clients. Presently only one of these boxes is used for the Purse which can only hold Premium Scrolls.

See above links to learn more about these items in Tibia.

Since you can only put a weapon at the right hand, and the left hand is just for shields, you cannot put two weapons nor two shields in your hands. Also if you don't have any weapon, you will fight with your fists only.

In the case of your death you lose the container you are carrying and you have a chance of losing any item equipped unless you have full Blessings or an Amulet of Loss. You lose all of your items if you die while having a Red or Black Skull, even if you are wearing an AoL or have full Blessings.
See: Death for details about dropping items and character deaths.

You can access a context menu for any item in which there are some commands you can perform. You do this either by right clicking or holding the Ctrl key and right clicking on the item (depending whether Tibia Classic Control is on or off)
See: section Commands in Game Window article for details.

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