Inukaya, the Chakoyas encampment near Svargrond


Chakoya Toolshapers, Chakoya Tribewardens and Chakoya Windcallers, and other creatures on the way (such as Polar Bears, Rats, and Winter Wolves).


Shard, 48 gold, 3 Rainbow Trout.

Walk into the dog sled just east of where you enter from Svargrond to travel from Nibelor to Inukaya. You must do the Ice Islands Quest up to the mission 'Nibelor 5: Cure the Dogs' to be able to use the sled. Walk to the Chakoya villiage, and go in the igloo marked on the following map:

Then, search the barrel marked on this map for a fur bag with your rewards:

  • Note: In order to access Inukaya and leave, you must carry one piece of ham with you for each trip, otherwise the dogs won't take you. Also, they will only take you if you have completed the five first missions of the Ice Islands Quest.
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