Muriel is researching for a spell against the undead.


Thais, Ancient Temple


Snakes, Trolls, Rotworms, Orcs, Orc Spearmen, Orc Warriors, Skeletons, and maybe a lured Cyclops.


Death Ring


Go to Muriel in Thais Sorcerer guild here.
Ask him about a quest. He will give you an Ectoplasm Container for you to dig a well-preserved human body in the dungeon north on Thais in the so-called Cursed Bone Pit.

Follow the maps to the Cursed Bone Pit.

Bone Pit Route.png

Clear the floor from the bodies and dig until you find a humanoid. Use the ectoplasm container on it to receive an Ectoplasm Container (Bone).

Bone Pit.png

Go back to Muriel to get your reward.


Player: hi
Muriel: Welcome back, Player!
Player: mission
Muriel: Indeed, there is something you can do for me. You must know I am researching for a new spell against the undead. ...
Muriel: To achieve that I need a desecrated bone. There is a cursed bone pit somewhere in the dungeons north of Thais where the dead never rest. ...
Muriel: Find that pit, dig for a well-preserved human skeleton and conserve a sample in a special container which you receive from me. Are you going to help me?
Player: yes
Muriel: Great! Here is the container for the bone. Once, I used it to collect ectoplasma of ghosts, but it will work here as well. ...
Muriel: If you lose it, you can buy a new one from the explorer's society in Northport or Port Hope. Ask me about the mission when you come back.
Player: bye
Muriel: Farewell.

Player: hi
Muriel: Welcome back, Player!
Player: mission
Muriel: Excellent! Now I can try to put my theoretical thoughts into practice and find a cure for the symptoms of undead. Here, take this for your efforts.
Player: bye
Muriel: Farewell.

Note: do not try to give him another one for a death ring, he will just take it and give you nothing in return.

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