The Hive Born threaten the world and must be stopped.


Gray Beach, Quirefang


Experience and Insectoid Outfits and addons, achievement Bane of the Hive
Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3.gif

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To get this outfit and the addons you need to do tasks of the War Against The Hive Quest as well as help advancing the stages of the Hive Born World Change. By doing these missions you will earn some points: the first stage missions are worth 1 point each (1 Favour and 1 War Exp.), and the second stage missions are worth 2 points each (2 Favour and 2 War Exp.)

  • For the base outfit you must have a minimum of 300 War Exp.
  • For the first addon you must have a minimum of 500 War Exp.
  • For the second addon (complete outfit) you must have a minimum of 1000 War Exp.

Getting both addons

Note that since War Exp. is not consumed, a total of 1000 is necessary for the complete Outfit, and not the sum of the amounts needed for each part.

To enter reward rooms you have to buy special pheromone from Orockle for 50 Favour Points (it lasts for one week) which will grant you ability to pass Hive Gates.

Going up the hive

Once you have gathered enough War Exp. for the Outfit/Addons and have been granted access by Orockle to access the inner Hive, you have to go to a room on the top floor of the western Hive:

  1. Go the west way for the outfit tower.
  2. Climb the stairs. You'll have to kill many of the strongest Hive Born creatures.
  3. Use the Insectoid Remains on the ground south-west to receive the outfit and addons according to the amount of War Exp. you have.

When using the remains, you'll see the following messages for each of the outftit parts:

Base outfit:

Your experience in fighting the hive allows you to assemble a makeshift hive born outfit.

First addon:

Your increased experience in the war against the hive allows you to find a suitable addon to your hive outfit.

Second addon:

Your constant battles against the hive allow you to claim the last addon for your outfit from the remains.