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Inquisitor's log Pt. I

Day 34: Finally we found her. By the sacred powers of all divine beings, it was a hard time catching that one. May all witches burn in the eternal hellfires. Though, there is no time for recreation; this witch was not the one I was looking for. Another disappointment in a long row. But I will stay strong - No, I must be strong! For the king and for the well-being of mankind...

Day 35: That foul creature! It was not her, she must have bewitched me and my guards. When the one which we mistook for the witch burned at the stake the enchantment fell off. Another innocent, murdered by that evil hag.

Day 36: Now I am sure, she must be in possession of the unholy formula that allows godless minions of Zathroth to fortify their physical and magical powers by brewing a potion out of God-fearing people. She managed once again to escape. We impaled four members of her circle in Carlin, but she managed to escape from a twofold guarded cell. The queen was very ...displeased about the death of four of her citizens. I doubt she would have said a word if it had been men.

Day 40: Finally! I found out her name! It is Wyda. I will hunt her down, I swear. And when I caught her I will be the only one in possession of the secret formula...

Day 45: We followed her to the region of the femur hills. I do not have the impression she is fleeing, she rather seems to hurry to reach some specific place - if I only knew where and why.

Day 46: I managed to get my best scouts in front of her to set up an ambush. This will be the day of my greatest victory. The fame for the inquisition, the defeat for Zathroth's minions... and the secret formula for ME! I will be the mightiest of all priestlords!

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