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(This book looks rather old and torn)
Inquisitor's log Pt. II

Day 47: Everything seems to be going well. The scouts sent word that the ambush is ready at the Dwarf Bridge. Once all this is over everyone will kneel down in front of ME! With that formula in my hands and Wyda dead I will be the mightiest being ever. Nothing will be in my way, I will crush her and everyone who opposes me.

Day 48: No! No! With inhuman powers she managed to escape to the swamps. She must have a secret hideout somewhere. We have to push and get her. My advisors wanted to retreat. They maundered something of the dangerousness of the swamps and some "dangers" for the troops. Hah! The cowards. I had their heads chopped off and put them on spears. Noone dares to oppose me. We will ride tomorrow at dawn. And when the sun sets I will be amongs the mightiest beings of the kingdom.

-This is the last entry-