Informers can inform you about your environment or about some past or present situation or event. Some have important information to tell, so listen up.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Beautiful Girl A Beautiful Girl.gif Informer Inside Devovorga's lair
Alkestios Alkestios.gif Expedition Leader
South of Ab'Dendriel
An Ancient Priest An Ancient Priest.gif Cleric
Horestis Tomb entrance
Aneus Aneus.gif Informer North East of Carlin, not far from the Northport Graveyard
Casper Casper.gif Artist
North of Darashia
Demonic Messenger Demonic Messenger.gif Informer Halls of Ascension
Friedolin Friedolin.gif Informer Carlin, just south of the depot.
Gnomad Gnomad.gif Informer Warzone 1, right before the warzone entrance.
Gnomercy Gnomercy.gif Informer Warzone 3, right before the warzone entrance.
Gnomole Gnomole.gif Informer Warzone 2, right before the warzone entrance.
Guide Alexena Guide Alexena.gif Informer The dock of Carlin on Harbour Lane
Guide Behil Guide Behil.gif Informer Darashia docks, near the boat
Guide Davina Guide Davina.gif Informer Southern Liberty Bay, on the docks.
Guide Edna Guide Edna.gif Informer Yalahar harbour.
Guide Elena Guide Elena.gif Informer Venore Harbor in northern Venore on Walk of Flame.
Guide Jonathan Guide Jonathan.gif Informer Edron, north of the castle on the docks
Guide Kunibert Guide Kunibert.gif Informer Near the raft west on Oramond.
Guide Luke Guide Luke.gif Informer Thais boat dock.
Guide Meruka Guide Meruka.gif Informer North-west in town, near the ship.
Guide Rahlkora Guide Rahlkora.gif Informer Ankrahmun docks, near the boat.
Guide Thelandil Guide Thelandil.gif Informer On the dock in Underwood
Guide Tiko Guide Tiko.gif Informer Western part of Port Hope, near the boat.
Ikassis Ikassis.gif Informer Northwest of Edron
Lesser Messenger of Heaven Lesser Messenger of Heaven.gif Informer South-west of Dwarven Bridge (here) and north of Edron (here)
Lucius Lucius.gif Informer Yalahar (Magician Quarter, south of Ethan), Kazordoon (in the Lightbearer reward room, here) and Temple of Light (here).
Messenger of Heaven Messenger of Heaven.gif Informer North of Ankrahmun (here), West in Zao Steppe (here), South-West of Svargrond (here) and in the Otherworld (here).
Minzy Minzy.gif Informer Underground Green Claw Swamp, in a cave.
Nathaniel Nathaniel.gif Informer Venore, just south of the boat.
Paulette Paulette.gif Informer Thais, next to the potion shop.
Pyro Peter Pyro Peter.gif Informer South-central Venore outside The Burning Portal on Walk of Flame and Dress for Success on Salvation Street.
Saideh Saideh.gif Informer At the center of the Kilmaresh Mountains behind a waterfall.
Sharon Sharon.gif Informer Travora's ship.
Towncryer Towncryer.gif Informer Thais, around the depot and docks at Harbour and Main Street.