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Additional Info

  • The name Inferna is derived from the Latin word "inferna", which means "underworld" ("loca inferna" means "hell").


Inferna has a strange behaviour in what it refers to towns. Every town has its own behaviour:

  • Carlin is very famous for lots of noobs running around and attacking everybody, regardless of his level, or little teams killing each other.
  • Thais is known very well for large groups of pks going around the town and killing everybody who is not on their team.
  • Kazordoon and Venore are rather peaceful towns, with little pks and the best ones for leveling up.
  • Darashia is the premium account version of Thais, the only difference is that the average level of the pks is not 10-15 but 20-30.
  • Ab'Dendriel is a strange town, because sometimes there is only peace and you can level up normally, and sometimes it can be as bad as Carlin.
  • Ankrahmun is a rather peaceful town in normal situations, but when there is a war the hell breaks out in this town, as open battles take place here.
  • The rest of the towns (Edron, Port hope, Liberty Bay, Svargrond) are what in pvp-worlds would be considered "normal towns", with little random pks, most people more interested in leveling up than in killing.
  • Yalahar is a city where all high levels are. If you are not in an influential guild this town is the worst, because high levels steal your spawn, often by killing you.

Players with the highest level

Golden Goblet.gifZiorrxlevel 415, EK - highest level 418
Silver Goblet.gifHotshot Ziorrlevel 415, ED - highest level 418
Bronze Goblet.gifRaffu

level 408, EK - highest level 492

updated 24/01/2014 by Xolondas (talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)

  • The highest level on the server was Viktor Xenix (former name Herr Yxa, level 19, MS - highest level 187) for quite a long time, but King Tobbe (former names Elrundhir, Almighty Danne, Shakalakamaka Zaka, Kokyangwuti) overtook him (player was deleted). In March 2010 the player Zappy Zap (former name Owun) moved at level 181 from Dolera to Inferna and took over the lead in the highscore. Now the highest level player on the server is Piixy (Piixy took over the lead in highscores on 17 November 2010).
  • The first player on Inferna becoming level 300 was Piixy (7 June 2011).
  • The first player on Inferna becoming level 200 was King Tobbe (27 July 2010).
  • The first player with a level higher than 200 being killed was Piixy (15 August 2010).

Highest level in each vocation

Underworld Rod.gif DruidHotshot Ziorrlevel 415
Stonecutter Axe.gif KnightZiorrxlevel 415
Royal Crossbow.gif PaladinIluminantilevel 315
Wand of Voodoo.gif SorcererGii Bifflevel 391

updated 24/01/2014 by Xolondas (talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)

  • The first sorcerer with level 200 was King Tobbe.
  • The first paladin with level 200 and level 300 was Piixy.
  • The first druid with level 200 was Erdezett.
  • The first knight with level 200 was Ambrosol.

Players with the best skills

Hellforged Axe.gifAxeSadonic110
The Stomper.gifClubWielki czarny kot111
Royal Crossbow.gifDistanceIluminanti116
Behemoth Claw.gifFistAsqia Knight70
Warlord Sword.gifSwordRaffu111
Rainbow Shield.gifShieldingWielki czarny kot 106
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.gifMagicLullu Nightrider101
Fishing Rod.gifFishingOdd Man Out88
Golden Warrior Trophy.gifAchievementsLullu Nightrider578

updated 24/01/2014 by Xolondas (talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)

  • First knight on Inferna with magic level 9 (level to use Magic Wall runes) was Sadonic (1 April 2010, no joke!).


  • The oldest guild are the Seekers of Myth (founded on Aug 01 2008 by Sadonic, wiki entry).
  • The guild existing the longest time on Inferna was the Alliance of Krynn till it was disbanded in 2009 (founded on Aug 04 2004).
  • Most guilds on Inferna do not exist for long.
  • The most feared guilds from Inferna were most likely the Ruthless Seven and Fraternitas (founded by Delphi Osman and Ezrael).

Boss Monsters and Quests

Boss Day of spawns Loot





13/10/2013 Unknown


20/02/2012 Unknown


15/08/2012 Unknown


31/07/2013 Demonic essence, 70 platinum coins, Green Gem, Great Spirit Potion, Glacial Kilt, Giant Sword, 2 small emeralds, a Crystal Ball, a Death Ring, a spellbook of dark mysteries.


21/01/2014 Unknown


09/08/2013 Unknown


28/01/2014 Unknown






Great Axe, Ferumbras' Hat, magic plate armor, Green Gem, Bloody Edge, Demonrage Sword, Magma Legs, Giant Shimmering Pearl, 10 Small Sapphire, 100 Gold Coin.

updated 24/01/2014 by Xolondas (talkcontribspage movesblock userblock log)

Rare Items

Inferna isn't only people fighting each other all the time, there are also some collectors possessing some nice items |

Abyss Hammer.gifAbyss Hammer: owned by King Tobbe
Bejeweled Ship's Telescope.gifBejeweled Ship's Telescope: owned by Sadonic and Deldora Phlyx
Butcher's Axe.gifButcher's Axe: owned by Piixy
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'.gifClaw of 'The Noxious Spawn': owned by King Tobbe and Sadonic
CM Token.gifCM Token: owned by Sadonic for winning the "Look Who's Talking" Contest
Dwarven Helmet.gifDwarven Helmet: owned by Sadonic and Deldora Phlyx
Gland.gifGland: owned by Sadonic
Guardian Boots.gifGuardian Boots: owned by Vikadrina and Sadonic also Sling Blaza
Magician Hat.gifMagician Hat: owned by Nesfarion (Deleted)
Oceanborn Leviathan Armor.gifOceanborn Leviathan Armor: owned by Almighty Kriffa and Greve Ladd
Orshabaal's Brain.gifOrshabaal's Brain: owned by General Borewicz
Runed Sword.gifRuned Sword: owned by King Tobbe
Stuffed Toad.gif

Stuffed Toad: owned by Krion Inferno

Vile Axe.gif

Vile Axe: owned by Brishinger and King Tobbe

Those items may not be considered rare on other worlds, but due to the steep death penalty and PvP environment on Inferna it is not that easy to obtain very rare items from bosses.
(all the items shown here are verified to exist by the player Sadonic).


There is no war taking place at the moment, but battles may arise quickly.


  • Few people online and most of them killing each other in towns. So if you manage to get to a spawn it will be most likely free.
  • You can kill people with no limits.
  • If you see a botter you don't have to wait for a GM or being afraid of getting a skull, you can just kill it in order to get his loot. If you are unlucky you will become hunted afterwards, because it was the moneymaker of a highlevel player.


  • You will most likely be unable to get from the temple to depot without dying when you arrive at mainland. Until a certain level is it not uncommon to die a lot.
  • High levels can abuse of their power with no limits. Many of them also kill medium levels to get supplies/money when a war is going on, which makes many people leave the server because not being able to hunt.
  • The respawn is very slow.

Player Killing

Even if Inferna is a pvp-enforced world, and the first thing you see when arriving at mainland is a mountain of bodies, Inferna is not only dedicated to player killing. In cities like Edron, Port Hope, Liberty Bay or Ankrahmun higher levels hunt quite normally like they would do in a normal server. Some low-level pks can be found in these cities, but they don't last very long. Normally until they find out they won't kill anyone in that city. The real player killing zones are mostly free towns, or Darashia. In the areas around Carlin, Thais and most times also Venore it's difficult to level up. If you are free and you are planning to level up on Inferna you should always carry health potions and go to places where there are normally no people (avoiding well-known places like Folda, Thais troll cave or amazon camp) and be sure you are near enough to a protection zone in case you get attacked. If you are planning to go to Inferna for player killing, there are two options:

1. You get a char, level it to 8, get level 9 on the Island of Destiny and go to main. There you get exura and wand/rod/spears (knights are not really recommended, since they need too much skilling before pking) and join a pk group and go around main killing everyone you see. You will get killed a lot.

2. You level a char up to medium level (20-30), get some health potions and start going (alone or with friends) around main and killing everyone you see (if he's lower level than you, of course). You won't die much, mostly only if a high level finds you or you get trapped by a big pk group, but in these cases you won't likely get your levels back from pking, and the items you lose are more valuable.

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