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Imperial Scripts

Transcribed by the Royal
scrivener, Sir Acrothet Simfus

Committee Meeting XVII

Insofar as we have yet to
ascertain the needs of our
citizenry in comparison to those
of our benevolent leader and
other high ranking officials,

It has been deemed forthwith
that a committee should be
formed to handle such concerns,
and will hereafter report its
findings to this committee once
every cycle.

Of matter pertaining to politics,
it has thusly been found that
despite egregious wrongs
committed by here-to-for
unknown assailants, both afield
and afoot, we should, in due
time, attempt to develop a plan
which results in less of our
deaths, and more of theirs.

A committee will be formed
and henceforth be titled
"The diplomatic committee"
and will report to us twice
every cycle, and include their
findings, which shall hope-
fully include less corpses on our

etc. etc.

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