A fragmented version of this book can be found in the Isle of the Kings Library.

He, who commands those who should have left the world, will come and claim the lives of those who walk two worlds. The twice fallen will fall a last time to seal the secrets and the imminent doom. Evil beings will feast on weak ones, not knowing that this is just the beginning of their own destruction.
Those that are sleeping will be awakened to dream again.
Those that are dead will live longer than the killers do.
Many eyes will see the coming of the light in the thickest darkness and the fisher will be the king.
The unborn will cheer for the reborn. Where no way exists, the heroes must fall. Where blood runs red, destiny awaits the wanderer. Where many ways are obviously, the wise chooses another one. Where one falls, four are victorious. Where the forces meet, the path will be revealed. Hope only arises from the highs and lows of the true path and the warrior will die in agony.

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