Ice fishing is a way to get Fish, Green Perch, Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout. You can also obtain the achievement Exquisite Taste through ice fishing.

Required Items

Fishing Rod

How to Fish

You can find many areas in Svargrond to ice fish.

Step 1: Find a Spot

Look around the Svargrond area on the ice sheets for small cracks in the ice. They're all over places where the ice is near water in Svargrond, as well as hunting spots. The biggest place is probably on Nibelor.

Ice fishing 1

Step 2: Pick the Spot

Use the pick on the fragile ice to open it.

Ice fishing 2

When you've finished picking the weak place in the ice, you will see fish swimming under the ice: Icehole2.

Ice fishing 3

Step 3: Fish!

Use your fishing rod on the ice hole. Just as normal fishing, it may take a few tries, depending on your luck and your Fishing level. The fish you catch will appear in the same container that your fishing rod is in. You can only catch one fish from each hole per pick of that hole. Don't forget your worms!

Ice fishing 4

After 15 minutes, the hole will freeze over again, and you can repeat the ice fishing process for another fish.


Ice Fishing, 1239 trials.

Tries to get 1
Fish Fish 1127 90.96% 2
Green Perch Green Perch 68 5.49% 19
Northern Pike Northern Pike 28 2.26% 45
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout 16 1.29% 78

Older Statistics:

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Each 1000 fished:
56 Green Perches
32 Northern Pikes
8 Rainbow Trouts

Fish Fish (Common)
Green Perch Green Perch (5.6% - Semi-rare)
Northern Pike Northern Pike (3.2% - Rare)
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout (0.8% - Very Rare)

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