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I, Vampire
Our race, if my dear reader allows me to use that term, is a rather curious one. One might argue that we are a side strain of humanity. As far as I see it, the human body is all but a catalyst for a most formidable transformation. With the transformation an all new world of opportunities and impressions awaits. It is an awakening. Several things, such as coldness and tiredness cease to exist for a vampire. The focus of existence is no longer bound to tiresome daily routines and can be aimed at something bigger and more important. The weak and fragile mortal body becomes a sophisticated tool that does not lose its function due to illness or old age. Seeing the mortals suffer under such influences alienates a vampire somewhat from humanity and makes it ever more clear that we are different. Humans and vampires are set apart from each other. We remember mortality and see its weaknesses. We mourn the mortals even though our highly evolved existence raises us high above them. The wisdom we gain with our age is great. Freed of the shackles of mortality we have a clearer view of things. Knowing the envious fear with which some greedy and selfish humans view us, we hide from the eyes of overzealous inquisitors and clergymen. Behind the scenes we guide the humans through history, supporting the worthy and eliminating threats to humanity. We are the unseen movers and makers that hold kingdoms together, furthering ideas that improve societies and boosting discoveries. Not for gratitude, but to fulfil the obligation of passing some of our fortune on to those that are not as fortunate. A selected few grasp our status and have the greatness to live with their inferiority. In their own meek way they try to help us in our noble efforts. They are worthy above all others to become one of us one day. We do not take new vampires lightly of course. It can be a challenging and long journey to join our ranks. With diligence and intelligence a human might eventually convince a vampire of his worth.

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