Property Value
Est. Length
Level 0
Classification Quest
Version 10.1
July 17, 2013
Status Active


Jorge needs raid tokens to study the essence of raid monsters. In return, he will carve or replicate a rare item.


All over the Tibian lands.


Raid creatures.


Trade unique items.

Required Equipment


  • Visit Jorge at the Adventurers' Guild and talk to him. He will let you know about his story and that he will trade tokens for items in different categories.

Hunting for tokens

You can trade 20 Silver Raid Tokens for one of the following items:


Player: hi
Jorge: Hi there! You have surely come here because you have heard of me, and what a great replicating artist I am, right? ...
Jorge: Or could it be that you haven't heard of me? Anyway, I am always on the hunt for beautiful and rare items. Almost a collector, you could say. ...
Jorge: My grandfather taught me the art of {carving} and {replicating}. In my younger years I have also developed a knack for hunting. I once started to catalogue all the monsters in this world. ...
Jorge: So I resorted to copying interesting artefacts that were found inside all those monsters. Just look at my display here. They look just like the real ones, eh? ...
Jorge: Anyway, can you {help} me, please? You seem to be eager to fight against any monster that comes your way!
Player: yes
Jorge: Oh that is most wonderful! Thank you! Just ask me what I have in stock at any time, there is a certain exchange rate for every item!
Player: carving
Jorge: Yes, carving. The fine art of taking an undefined, amorphous, something, a knife and making something beautiful out of it. ...
Jorge: Actually, it is creating something by reducing it. Beautiful, eh? I had some years to practice what my grandpa taught me - so feel free to look around later, but first - can you {help} me?
Player: replicating
Jorge: The art of creating something that looks and feels and behaves like the original. It requires a lot of appreciation for detail, diligence and time. But the outcome is ultimately rewarding, don't you think? Anyway, could you {help} me, please?
Player: help
Jorge: Yes, you know, I come from a family of hunters, and we have a a great sense of honour when it comes to knowing all creatures here. ...
Jorge: Because of this heritage, I've made it my credo to chart and categorise all monsters in this world. ...
Jorge: That was a fun thing to do when I was younger, but now - killing herds of monsters doesn't get any easier, especially if they come in hordes. ...
Jorge: So I ask you - if I may - if you would please watch out for monster {raid}s - they happen from time to time. ...
Jorge: In these {raid}s are monsters that sometimes drop so-called 'raid tokens' that capture the essence of the monsters you killed. Please bring me some of those tokens, so I can study their essence. ...
Jorge: In return, I will carve or replicate a rare item for you. Will you do that for me, {yes}?
Player: yes
Jorge: Oh that is most wonderful! Thank you! Just ask me what I have in stock at any time, there is a certain exchange rate for every item!
Player: yes
Jorge: Take care!

Hunting for tokens

Player: hi
Jorge: Oh, you're back already? Have you found some raid tokens? Currently the only category of items I can replicate is: Thais museum {souvenir}s.
Player: souvenir
Jorge: In this category I can offer you a {Norseman} doll, an {abacus}, a {key} of numerous locks, a friendship {amulet}, a {mexcalibur} sword, an orc {shredder}, a frozen {heart}, a {phoenix} statue, a {dragon} eye and a {noble} sword. Or: ...
Jorge: A hand {puppet}, a {music} box, an {encyclopedia}, a {Durin} doll, a {medusa} skull, a {newspaper}, a bag of {spices} or an Exhiti {imortus}. ...
Jorge: A {mathmaster} shield, a {draken} doll, an {emblem}, a {crimson} doll, an old {radio}, a {bookworm} doll, a golden {falcon} and an {assassin} doll. ...
Jorge: All listed souvenirs are at 20 silver raid tokens each. Which one of them do you want?
Note: If player responds without enough tokens
Jorge: I'm sorry, I need at least 20 silver tokens for that. Please come back when you have them.

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