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The Hunter Camp is a square area bordered by Bamboo Walls and doors in the Tiquanda jungle located here, north of the Medusa Tower. It is a camp where hunters bring the fur they collected from hunting. You may also come across their boss, Arthom the Hunter.

Sometimes, this camp won't be there and you will find a Dworc Camp instead. This is because these camps make up the Jungle Camp Mini World Change together.

There is a Note Pinned on the Wall of the main building, apparently written on behalf of boss Arthom:
LISTEN UP: The boss says, no more running after those pesky dworcs! Just make sure they don't make off with our tanned furs and keep them far away from the camp. Burnning down their ritual sites should make sure they stay out of our hunting grounds. The boss will check on things personally today and take his share of furs and hides with him. Keep up the cooking and tanning rotas as before, and make also sure to kill every trespasser


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And sometimes

Arthom the Hunter
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