Also called Player Hunt. When someone says you are "hunted", that usually indicates that they and/or some of their high-level friends will look for you and kill you whenever possible.

This usually arises from some kind of poor or inappropriate action on your part, but may not be for any specific reason. Sometimes, it is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time or even saying that small wrong word (e.g. Noob), because always remember that low level players maybe have high level friends or another accounts, that are high level!

Sometimes, people will say "You are hunted" just to intimidate you into giving them things or to make you leave an area. Be careful that you do not give anything away for no reason, but also be careful as you could actually get hunted!

The person who hunts someone generally asks for a payment. Generally 10k or equipment. So if you pay you won't get killed, or sometimes, if you pay, you can be killed and asked for another payment. There are many power abusers in all worlds.

To avoid being hunted, your best bet is to follow the suggestions for avoiding Playerkillers which can hunt you or say hunted for you for any reason or make you pay him for your life, that are called "PKs Power Abusers".


-"PKs" means playerkillers.

-"PKs Power Abusers" is players that make you to pay him for your life attacking you and saying you to give your items.

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