There are 8 different Hugos known in Tibia:

  1. Oscar Savage, who runs the Dress for Success Warehouse in Venore, uses the name Hugo as an alias because he thinks his real name is not "manly" enough.
  2. Todd renamed himself to Hugo to hide from Karl and William that he is wasting their money on alcohol instead of getting help for the planned "men revolution".
  3. A book on the Isle of the Kings speaks about a "Hugo the Humble".
  4. Before being turned into a Rabbit through a failed experiment, Hugo the Demonbunny was possibly human.
  5. Frodo speaks of a Hugo from Fibula who stayed a few nights in his tavern some time ago.
  6. Xed tells us that Ferumbras's father is called Hugo.
  7. Both Bozo and Zebron claim to have a cousin named Hugo.
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