This article is about the NPC calling himself Hugo. For more Hugos, see Hugo (Disambiguation).
You see Hugo
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  • Ahh! A vision! I have a vision for a new outfit! Assistant, some paper, fast!


Venore, upstairs in the Dress for Success Warehouse.


Hugo runs the Dress for Success Warehouse. He is called Hugo Chief, though his real name is Oscar Savage, which he changed because Hugo is more manly. He makes uniforms. Hugo Chief (his full name) is clearly an allusion to the famous brand Hugo Boss.

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He is part of The Postman Missions Quest and talks about the Beggar Outfit to premium accounts.
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Player: hi
Hugo: Be greeted, player and welcome to the 'wearhouse'!
Player: job
Hugo: I am tailor and designer extraordinaire. Well, rather a designer. I leave most of the actual tailoring to my assistants.
Player: name
Hugo: I am known as Hugo Chief.
Player: time
Hugo: Sorry, a watch would ruin my stylish outfit.
Player: hugo
Hugo: Well it's not my real name. I took it because people think it's scaring and manly. I hate people doubting my manhood for being a tailor, you know.
Player: real name
Hugo: Uhm, well it's Oscar Savage, but who can become famous, especially as an artist, with a name like that I ask you?
Player: outfit
Hugo: Sorry, but my time is currently reserved for premium matters.
Player: warehouse
Hugo: I would call it a 'wearhouse'.
Player: 'thais
Hugo: Thais is kind of a fashion hell. If there was an award for the most ugly citizens, it would go to Thais.
Player: carlin
Hugo: Women should know better than to hide in ugly armor. Like all followers of ugliness they will be punished one day.
Player: king
Hugo: He does not care much about us, we don't care much about him. I consider that a fair deal.
Player: excalibug
Hugo: I don't care for such fairytales.
Player: ferumbras
Hugo: The ferumbras-bad-ass-fashion is incredibly outdated since years.
Player: bye
Hugo: Good bye, player.