The Hrodmir Quara Scout Caves are two caves located on ice shelves on the northwest coast of Hrodmir, here and here. The caves are mostly populated by Mantassins, Constrictors and Predators, with a few Pinchers and Hydromancers. They are good places for low level players to hunt Quara Scouts without having to worry about stronger creatures. A parchment can be found in the corner of the western cave.

You could consider doing a Killing in the Name of... Quest task here. The left cave is a little larger than the right one and more suitable for one higher leveled player in the level range (e.g. level 66-80), you can do continuous hunting here. The right one is probably more suited for a lower leveled player in the level range (50-65).

Hunting quara scouts in these caves is an easy way to collect fish fins.

Beware: you may get swarmed when entering either hole as 4-5 Constrictors and Mantassins spawn around them. Poison Bomb or Wall Runes might be helpful if you are low level.

The creature distribution is approx:

NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Quara Mantassin Scout.gif
Quara Mantassin Scout
100220110 Physical Damage
Quara Constrictor Scout.gif
Quara Constrictor Scout
200450210 (130 Physical Damage, 80 Life Drain)
Quara Predator Scout.gif
Quara Predator Scout
400890190 Physical Damage
Quara Pincher Scout.gif
Quara Pincher Scout
600775240 Physical Damage
Quara Hydromancer Scout.gif
Quara Hydromancer Scout
8001100840 (40 Physical Damage, 375 Ice Damage, Earth Damage, 420 Life Drain)