The largest of the all the Ice Islands, Hrodmir is found in the group of the Northern Ice Islands, which were implemented with the 8.0 update. It is located to the north of the main Tibia continent and west of Yalahar. The civilized barbarian city of Svargrond is situated on this island. In order to reach its main landmass, one may travel to Svargrond by ship, Magic Carpet, or the GCTS.

Hrodmir is covered in ice and snow, so Dog Sleds and small rafts are used for transportation around the islands. While you wait for adventure try ice fishing and maybe catch some of the unique fish only found on the colder side of the world and maybe make a snowman too!

The history of Hrodmir goes back to the earliest years of Tibia. The evil god Zathroth and his allies created terrible beings and demons which tried to destroy any good in the world. The gods Uman and Fardos tried to counter Zathroth by creating their own beings. One of the safe havens the gods provided was Hrodmir and the people lived safely under the Formorgar Glacier, protected by the magic of the Frostheart Spire. They lived in peace until the minions of Zathroth came to battle them. At some point in the battle the Spire was shattered and its destruction instantly killed most of the combatants. Some were alive but frozen, yet a few survived and wandered the deepest caves searching for a way out. Perhaps the clash of magic between the sides caused the spire to shatter, but some believe it was the Archdemon Ghazbaran who came and brought the destruction upon them all.

On the south-western end of Hrodmir one can find the three settlements of the barbarian tribe of the Norsir from west to east: Bittermor, Krimhorn, and Ragnir. They are situated at the western tip of the island mainly for strategical reasons. The southern tip has a better climate for those who complain about the overly cold weather and to the west are very good sources of fish. Hrodmir is largely inhabitated by humans, although there have been sightings of wild beasts roaming the island.

The center of Hrodmir is occupied by the Formorgar Glacier below which is the Formorgar Mines. Many creatures occupy the glacier like rabbits, wolves, and deer as well as some tougher inhabitants like frost giants, mammoths, ice golems, crystal spiders, and even a rope-crazed man. Once you get down far enough you reach the mines and will likely encounter some outlaws, earth and ice elementals, many demons, voodoo cultists, and possibly the awakened ice witch queen, Yakchal, or the Triangle of Terror archdemon, Ghazbaran.

The eastern end of Hrodmir is the town of Svargrond, occupied by civilized barbarians and traders from the mainland. Here one can find many houses, a depot, temple, the famed Arena, a tavern where the jarl Sven is often seen, a magic carpet boats to the mainland, a boat out to the sea, and a raft to other ice islands or the barbarian settlements.

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