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How to learn magic easily. Level 1: For Knights and non-Vocation people (Part two)
Two ways exists to wield magic: through an instant magic use like common spells or spells that need a high amount of mana; or magic can be stored in little stone pieces called runes, which are easy to make and easy to use.
To make a rune spell you need a blank rune - a little grey piece of stone you can buy in any Magic shop all around Tibia. It is just a rune with no spell in yet. If you are skilled enough to make the rune and you have enough mana, put the blank rune in your hand and say the words. Spells made to be stored in runes start with the syllable 'AD', so don't mess with them. The rune will be charged with magic power, changing shape, colour and sign, showing that the magic worked. You can use it now just touching it (Right-Click and Use or just Ctrl+click) and then shoot it at the target. The magic will fly from your hand and one of the charges will disappear. Runes have different amount of charges (one to four) and when all charges are used, the rune will just vanish, as if it never existed.

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