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How to curse a soul

To curse a soul brew up a mixture, using the following ingredients:

- the skins of seven toads
- a skull inscribed with runes
- one demonic essence
- the powder of a crushed black pearl
- oil extracted and kept in total darkness
- three snake tongues
- a black monkey's paw

Anoint a rod of oak wood with this concoction and adorn it with thirteen rubies. Thus you create a magic wand able to curse a soul. With the energy of a hereby tainted soul you are able to create mighty artifacts and powerful spells.

A tainted soul may only be redeemed with a sacred talisman. To create such a talisman you need a part of a peaceable animal, for example a deer's antler. First entwine it with star herb and then besprinkle it with holy water.

written by Ekatrix the Black

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