Stable horses can be rented, but sometimes they escape to roam with wild horses and must be rounded up.


East of Thais, West of Venore.


Ability to rent Horses (applies to entire server, even free account players). Also during the world change, War Horses may be tamed.

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This world change exists at any one point in either of two main states:

  1. The horses are confined to their stable.
  2. The horses are on the loose.

State (1) occurs if enough players have rented horses at either one of the horse stables, and state (2) occurs otherwise.

While state (1) is active horses do not spawn outside of their stable; thus to tame a Wild Horse renting horses must be prevented.

During state (2), Horses will spawn in the wild around the Thaian Horse Station, located east of Thais. Wild Horses can be spotted each three hours starting from server save. Raids occur in groups of 0-3 horses: they may not spawn at all.

To tame a wild horse, bring plenty of Sugar Oat and use them on the wild horses. Note that regular horses cannot be tamed.

The state will revert back to (1) when enough domestic horses have been lured back into their pen. It can automatically revert back if no horses have been returned, but this would only happen after four or more days.