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General Info

The name Honera is derived from the latin word "Honor" meaning "Honour".

This game world has been actively shielded by BattlEye since June 8, 2017.


Golden NewspaperLevelHifekow


Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicFrank Zor115
Rainbow ShieldShieldingJackrz119
Royal CrossbowDistanceGael Sanchez133
Warlord SwordSwordTrafnar122
The StomperClubShaft Alan121
Stonecutter AxeAxeNorns Viking117
Behemoth ClawFistSasuke Darkhell84
Fishing RodFishingCave Rat121
ParchmentAchievementsMagico Mago885

First Achievements

  • First level 100 on Honera was Brutace.
  • First level 200 on Honera was Lysho Utini, He was also the first Dutch level 200 on Tibia.
  • First level 300 on Honera was Buldokan.

Point of Interest

  • Epic couple of Johmeo and Exiliet used to live on Honera, a Tibian joke and allusion to the famous Romeo and Juliet of William Shakespeare. Character Exiliet does not exist anymore.

Advantages of playing here

  • One of the most rapidly decreasing pricing system on Tibia.
  • Friendly community.
  • Many English players.
  • Frequent quest services are hosted here.

Disadvantages of playing here

  • It is common to encounter botters when trying to hunt.
  • Roshamuul is controlled by a high level group.
  • Very few options on your choice of host for certain quest services (inq, poi, wote)
  • It is common to be lured on here, especially if you are disliked.
  • Many people troll and beg for items.


These boss statistics are extremely out-dated.

  • Morgaroth - Morgaroth (Seen:2 | Killed:2), It was blocked by Nany'Macunbeira and Kheni. It was just killed on February 23, 2015 and Frank Zor looted Morgaroths heart, the ironworker and Dark Lord's cape.

External links

  • The Highscores page can be found here.
  • The Guilds page can be found here.
  • The world Honera has created it's own Wiki, here.
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