Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Unknown.
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Unknown.
Occupational Properties
Job Furniture Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
You see Hofech.
NPC Bubble D


Darashia, beneath Magic Carpet, here.


Hofech sells furniture, wall hangings, decorations, and more. Everything you might need to furnish your home.He thinks the caliph has the finest home and interior decoration in Darashia

Trade Details





Blue bed kit 80 gp
Green bed kit 80 gp
Red bed kit 80 gp
Yellow bed kit 80 gp
Green cushioned chair kit 40 gp
Red cushioned chair kit 40 gp
Rocking chair kit 25 gp
Sofa chair kit 55 gp
Wooden chair kit 15 gp
Armor rack kit 90 gp
Barrel kit 12 gp
Bookcase kit 70 gp
Box kit 10 gp
Chest kit 10 gp
Crate kit 10 gp
Drawer kit 18 gp
Dresser kit 25 gp
Locker kit 30 gp
Trough kit 7 gp
Trunk kit 10 gp
Weapon rack kit 90 gp
Birdcage kit 50 gp
Chimney kit 200 gp
Coal basin kit 25 gp
Cuckoo clock kit 40 gp
Globe kit 50 gp
Goldfish Bowl 50 gp
Oven kit 80 gp
Pendulum clock kit 75 gp
Picture (Portrait) 50 gp
Picture (Landscape) 50 gp
Picture (Still Life) 50 gp
Rocking horse kit 30 gp
Table lamp kit 35 gp
Telescope kit 70 gp
Oval Mirror 40 gp
Round Mirror 40 gp
Edged Mirror 40 gp
Water Pipe 40 gp
Flower Bowl 6 gp
God Flowers 5 gp
Honey Flower 5 gp
Indoor plant kit 8 gp
Potted Flower 5 gp
Harp kit 50 gp
Piano kit 200 gp
Blue Pillow 25 gp
Green Pillow 25 gp
Heart Pillow 30 gp
Red Pillow 25 gp
Round Blue Pillow 25 gp
Round Purple Pillow 25 gp
Round Red Pillow 25 gp
Round Turquoise Pillow 25 gp
Small Blue Pillow 20 gp
Small Green Pillow 20 gp
Small Orange Pillow 20 gp
Small Purple Pillow 20 gp
Small Red Pillow 20 gp
Small Turquoise Pillow 20 gp
Small White Pillow 20 gp
Yellow Pillow 25 gp
Amphora 4 gp
Large amphora kit 50 gp
Vase 3 gp
Goblin statue kit 50 gp
Knight statue kit 50 gp
Minotaur statue kit 50 gp
Blue Tapestry 25 gp
Green Tapestry 25 gp
Orange Tapestry 25 gp
Purple Tapestry 25 gp
Red Tapestry 25 gp
White Tapestry 25 gp
Yellow Tapestry 25 gp
Big table kit 30 gp
Round table kit 25 gp
Small table kit 20 gp
Square Table kit 25 gp
Trophy Stand 50 gp

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