Palimuth wants you to read this paper and its sequel before deciding with whom you want to side during the third mission of the In Service of Yalahar Quest.

History of the Augur, Part I

We, the families of the Augur, have been living here for many generations. In the course of time, we acquired certain insights in the ways of our masters, the Yalahari. Many years ago, things used to be very different in this city. Once it was a marvel to behold, but then it started to decay slowly and steadily. This process of deterioration begun in the far past, long before our ancestors came[ here. At the time they were brought here by the Yalahari as helpers and workers, the city already showed signs of decline. Despite their claim of having great power, the Yalahari could do little to stop the catastrophes that should occur. Neither did they do anything to restore the damaged parts of the city. Still, it took many centuries until the city had reached the pitiful state that you can witness today.

Some decades ago, a group of Augur suspected that we all were lied to by our masters. They started to look for clues that proved their assumptions, and secretly gathered parts of the puzzle one by one. For all we know, there had been indeed a powerful race called the Yalahari that built this city to distance itself from the wars of some capricious gods. So far the tales that our masters had told us, have been true. These Yalahari were served by a group of Augur such as us. They were their helpers and workers, and the Yalahari shared some of their luxuries and achievements with them. The Yalahari concentrated on research and art, and left the more manual work to their servants, who often only knew what they had to do without understanding their tasks. At one far-away point in history, the Yalahari seemingly vanished. Certain clues that our ancestors gathered, hint that they locked themselves in the city's centre and cut off all contact to their helpers. When the Augur sometime later dared to enter the inner city, the Yalahari were all gone - vanished without a trace. After getting over the initial shock, the Augur assumed the role of the Yalahari themselves. For a while they tried to get familiar with some of the secrets of their lost masters, but they were only able to understand the most basic concepts of the Yalahari's knowledge. They stuck to their usual tasks to keep the city running. Still, they were too few to keep the enormous city, of which they understood so little, in shape.

So they decided to recruit Augur on their own. This way most of our forefathers came to Yalahar. In the meanwhile, the former Augur retreated into the inner city.