Palimuth wants you to read this paper and its prequel before deciding with whom you want to side during the third mission of the In Service of Yalahar Quest.

History of the Augur, Part II

They brought more and more people to Yalahar. Not all of them became Augur, a good part of them lived in Yalahar as ordinary citizens. At some point, the city had reached a much larger population than under the rule of the true Yalahari, and it became difficult to provide food and shelter for everyone. Time and overuse took it's toll on the city. Over the years, more and more parts of the city were lost due to ignorance, lack of resources, or catastrophes. The new Yalahari were unable to restore broken machines and devices, and their efforts to retake certain parts of the city with the help of the Augur caused only more disaster. So the new Yalahari decided to stay in the city's centre, letting the Augur care for the rest of the city as well as they could. Still, their image as Yalahari allowed them to claim supremacy and to rule over the whole city. This all did not matter too much to our ancestors. The new Yalahari were neither cruel nor overly abusive, and they still wielded the powerful weapons and armors of the true Yalahari. So they stuck to the status quo and continued to work for the Yalahari despite everything they had found out. This worked quite well although the city was still declining and great parts of it had been lost to chaos and anarchy.

Lately, though, things started to change. It is not a dramatic change but it can be recognised gradually at many places. Some of the known routines in the orders of the Yalahari have altered. There are more and more orders who have a dubious purpose. The most frightening thing is that some orders obviously hint at a person with Yalahari knowledge that had been considered as lost for centuries. The overwhelming majority of the new Yalahari still clings to their ignorant and self-centred ways, but perhaps one of them or a small group has discovered some hidden secrets of their vanished masters. It is also possible that something completely different is happening, we simply don't know. But these new orders that seem to aim at restoring order in the city have some bitter taste. They are somewhat oppressive and destructive, not in an obvious way, though. Taken together, they paint a dark picture of Yalahar's future. A future of oppression, betrayal, and a much stricter rule by the Yalahari.


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