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This is a list of Tibia characters that have accomplished or experienced significant things in-game. These are specific characters whose exploits are of interest to the entire Tibia community.


In order to be listed on this page, the character must have accomplished or experienced something that is (1) unique in all gameworlds or (2) interesting and relevant to players of all gameworlds.

If there is a character you think deserves to be listed on this page, post a message on the talk page describing why they should be listed.

Reasons a character might be listed:

  • First character to reach level x00
  • Character owns a unique item that does not exist on all other gameworlds.
  • First to accomplish something thought to be impossible (spike sword on Rookgaard, crack the beholder language, etc.)
  • Character was the only one to experience an interesting game bug.

The following are NOT reasons to list a character:

  • Highest level knight with blue eyes whose grandfather is a jewish dentist (I think you get the idea).
  • Was the first person to kill a insert name of creature here.
  • Has a cool outfit.
  • Hosted a fabulous in-game event that lots of people came to.
  • Highest fishing level.

These guidelines are subject to revision by consensus and at the discretion of the wiki Administrators

Listing on this page is entirely at the discretion of the wiki Administrators.

The List

In alphabetical order:

The first ever player of Tibia.
Bug caused level advancement from 76 to 130, exploited a bug to get Dragon Scale Mail from a Dragon Lord, rumoured to have possessed the Cyclopmania Sword.
Averthith Solifitrotus
First to reach magic level 100.
First to reach level 100 and level 200.
First to reach level 150 on Rookgaard.
First player to own Golden Boots.
Eternal Oblivion
Was subject of the "level 270 bug".
First to buy a Premium Account.
First player to own a Golden Helmet.
Grand Harry Potter
First player to reach lvl 200 as a permanent Free Account player.
First to reach level 700, 800, 900, and 1000. He was also the first to enter the famed lvl 999 Gate of Expertise.
Created much of the existing game content, is the namesake of the "Nightmare Knights" of Tibian history.
First player to own a Blessed Shield.
First to be deleted while being the highest leveled character, witnessed a website bug upon reaching 1 billion experience and first to reach level 400.
‎Mateusz Dragon Wielki
First to reach level 300.
First to reach level 600 and the highest-levelled player ever to be deleted (at 797).
Opa Wetterwachs
The first player to reach lvl 50. Fibula Village, Tower Flat was originally created for him.
The first knight to reach magic level 10.
First to reach level 100 on Rookgaard and the only Rookgaard character who used to own a house.
First to reach level 500.
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