A Hireling is a Store product which work as your own personal NPC. The Hirelings can be placed inside Houses and Guildhalls. The basic Hireling is called Hireling apprentice, but it can also be trained to learn other skills. When a Hireling skill is purchased, all Hirelings that you own will receive this skill. In case you own more than one, however, each Hireling can be customized to use different outfits (bought from the Store) and colors.

The following are the types of Hirelings that can be purchased:

Hireling Abilities Price
Apprentice Sells basic Furniture 150 Tibia Coins
Banker Banker (deposit, withdraw, transfer) 250 Tibia Coins
Cook Cook random buff food for a fee* 900 Tibia Coins
Steward Provides access to Your Supply Stash 250 Tibia Coins
Trader Trader and post clerk (buys and sells standard goods such as Runes, Potions or Tools) 250 Tibia Coins

Skill details

Hireling Apprentice

The Hireling Apprentice sells general furniture for houses: Beds, Chairs, Tables, Wall Hangings, containers and more. They also sell Exercise Weapons for all skills.

Click to toggle the display of the list of items


Amphora.gifAmphora4 Gold
Bamboo Wall Lamp (Unlit).gifBamboo Wall Lamp (Unlit)20 Gold
Blue Footboard.gifBlue Footboard40 Gold
Blue Headboard.gifBlue Headboard40 Gold
Blue Pillow.gifBlue Pillow25 Gold
Blue Tapestry.gifBlue Tapestry25 Gold
Box.gifBox10 Gold
Canopy Footboard.gifCanopy Footboard100 Gold
Canopy Headboard.gifCanopy Headboard100 Gold
Chest.gifChest10 Gold
Cot Footboard.gifCot Footboard20 Gold
Cot Headboard.gifCot Headboard20 Gold
Crate.gifCrate10 Gold
Cuckoo Clock.gifCuckoo Clock40 Gold
Durable Exercise Axe.gifDurable Exercise Axe945,000 Gold
Durable Exercise Bow.gifDurable Exercise Bow945,000 Gold
Durable Exercise Club.gifDurable Exercise Club945,000 Gold
Durable Exercise Rod.gifDurable Exercise Rod945,000 Gold
Durable Exercise Sword.gifDurable Exercise Sword945,000 Gold
Durable Exercise Wand.gifDurable Exercise Wand945,000 Gold
Empty Goldfish Bowl.gifEmpty Goldfish Bowl50 Gold
Exercise Axe.gifExercise Axe262,500 Gold
Exercise Bow.gifExercise Bow262,500 Gold
Exercise Club.gifExercise Club262,500 Gold
Exercise Rod.gifExercise Rod262,500 Gold
Exercise Sword.gifExercise Sword262,500 Gold
Exercise Wand.gifExercise Wand262,500 Gold
Fireworks Rocket.gifFireworks Rocket100 Gold
Flower Bowl.gifFlower Bowl6 Gold
God Flowers.gifGod Flowers5 Gold
Green Balloons.gifGreen Balloons500 Gold
Green Footboard.gifGreen Footboard40 Gold
Green Headboard.gifGreen Headboard40 Gold
Green Pillow.gifGreen Pillow25 Gold
Green Tapestry.gifGreen Tapestry25 Gold
Hammock Foot Section.gifHammock Foot Section25 Gold
Hammock Head Section.gifHammock Head Section25 Gold
Heart Pillow.gifHeart Pillow30 Gold
Honey Flower.gifHoney Flower5 Gold
Orange Tapestry.gifOrange Tapestry25 Gold
Party Hat.gifParty Hat800 Gold
Party Trumpet.gifParty Trumpet500 Gold
Picture (Landscape).gifPicture (Landscape)50 Gold
Picture (Portrait).gifPicture (Portrait)50 Gold
Picture (Still Life).gifPicture (Still Life)50 Gold
Purple Tapestry.gifPurple Tapestry25 Gold
Red Balloons.gifRed Balloons500 Gold
Red Footboard.gifRed Footboard40 Gold
Red Headboard.gifRed Headboard40 Gold
Red Pillow.gifRed Pillow25 Gold
Red Tapestry.gifRed Tapestry25 Gold
Round Blue Pillow.gifRound Blue Pillow25 Gold
Round Purple Pillow.gifRound Purple Pillow25 Gold
Round Red Pillow.gifRound Red Pillow25 Gold
Round Turquoise Pillow.gifRound Turquoise Pillow25 Gold
Simple Footboard.gifSimple Footboard20 Gold
Simple Headboard.gifSimple Headboard20 Gold
Small Blue Pillow.gifSmall Blue Pillow20 Gold
Small Green Pillow.gifSmall Green Pillow20 Gold
Small Ice Statue (Bird).gifSmall Ice Statue (Bird)50 Gold
Small Ice Statue (Fish).gifSmall Ice Statue (Fish)50 Gold
Small Orange Pillow.gifSmall Orange Pillow20 Gold
Small Purple Pillow.gifSmall Purple Pillow20 Gold
Small Red Pillow.gifSmall Red Pillow20 Gold
Small Turquoise Pillow.gifSmall Turquoise Pillow20 Gold
Small White Pillow.gifSmall White Pillow20 Gold
Straw Mat Foot Section.gifStraw Mat Foot Section10 Gold
Straw Mat Head Section.gifStraw Mat Head Section10 Gold
Torch Bearer (Pickupable, Unlit).gifTorch Bearer (Pickupable, Unlit)10 Gold
Treasure Chest (Ornamented).gifTreasure Chest (Ornamented)1,000 Gold
Trophy Stand.gifTrophy Stand50 Gold
Vase.gifVase3 Gold
Wall Candle (Unlit).gifWall Candle (Unlit)20 Gold
Wall Lamp (Pickupable, Unlit).gifWall Lamp (Pickupable, Unlit)10 Gold
Wall Mirror (Edged).gifWall Mirror (Edged)40 Gold
Wall Mirror (Oval).gifWall Mirror (Oval)40 Gold
Wall Mirror (Round).gifWall Mirror (Round)40 Gold
Water Pipe.gifWater Pipe40 Gold
White Tapestry.gifWhite Tapestry25 Gold
Yellow Footboard.gifYellow Footboard40 Gold
Yellow Headboard.gifYellow Headboard40 Gold
Yellow Pillow.gifYellow Pillow25 Gold
Yellow Tapestry.gifYellow Tapestry25 Gold

Hireling Banker

The Hirelink banker has the ability of regular Banker NPCs, i.e., you can deposit, withdraw and transfer money using it.

Hireling Cook

The Hirelink Cook can prepare different dishes upon your request, for a 15,000 gold fee. The dish you received will be randomly selected from these options:

Since the chance to cook all dishes is the same (1/6), the average price of a dish is 90,000 gold. Any of the dishes can only be consumed once every 10 minutes (that is, they share the 10-minute cooldown), similar to those cooked by Jean Pierre and the Cupcakes. The dishes have the same restriction as Store products, meaning they cannot be sold on the market, given to other characters, etc.

Hireling Steward

The Hireling Steward grants you access to Your Supply Stash. You can open the Stash to retrieve items or use the Context Menu on items and containers to stow them, after having greeted the Hireling.

Hireling Trader

The Hireling Trader buys and sells common magic supplies, such as Runes and Potions, for the same price the NPCs do. They also sell Post items like Parcels and Letters.

Click to toggle the display of the list of items


Animate Dead Rune.gifAnimate Dead Rune375 Gold
Armor Rack.gifArmor Rack90 Gold
Arrow.gifArrow3 Gold
Avalanche Rune.gifAvalanche Rune57 Gold
Axe.gifAxe20 Gold
Bamboo Drawer.gifBamboo Drawer20 Gold
Bamboo Table.gifBamboo Table25 Gold
Barrel.gifBarrel12 Gold
Basket.gifBasket6 Gold
Battle Axe.gifBattle Axe235 Gold
Battle Hammer.gifBattle Hammer350 Gold
Big Table.gifBig Table30 Gold
Birdcage.gifBirdcage50 Gold
Blank Rune.gifBlank Rune10 Gold
Blue Quiver.gifBlue Quiver400 Gold
Bolt.gifBolt4 Gold
Bone Sword.gifBone Sword75 Gold
Bookcase.gifBookcase70 Gold
Bottle.gifBottle3 Gold
Bow.gifBow400 Gold
Brass Armor.gifBrass Armor450 Gold
Brass Helmet.gifBrass Helmet120 Gold
Brass Legs.gifBrass Legs195 Gold
Brass Shield.gifBrass Shield65 Gold
Brown Mushroom.gifBrown Mushroom10 Gold
Bucket.gifBucket4 Gold
Cabinet (Venorean).gifCabinet (Venorean)90 Gold
Candelabrum.gifCandelabrum8 Gold
Candlestick.gifCandlestick2 Gold
Carlin Sword.gifCarlin Sword473 Gold
Carved Stone Table.gifCarved Stone Table30 Gold
Chain Armor.gifChain Armor200 Gold
Chain Helmet.gifChain Helmet52 Gold
Chain Legs.gifChain Legs80 Gold
Chameleon Rune.gifChameleon Rune210 Gold
Chest of Drawers.gifChest of Drawers18 Gold
Chimney.gifChimney200 Gold
Closed Trap.gifClosed Trap280 Gold
Club.gifClub5 Gold
Coal Basin (Furniture).gifCoal Basin (Furniture)25 Gold
Coat.gifCoat8 Gold
Convince Creature Rune.gifConvince Creature Rune80 Gold
Cookie.gifCookie2 Gold
Crossbow.gifCrossbow500 Gold
Crowbar.gifCrowbar260 Gold
Crystalline Arrow.gifCrystalline Arrow20 Gold
Cure Poison Rune (Item).gifCure Poison Rune (Item)65 Gold
Dagger.gifDagger5 Gold
Destroy Field Rune.gifDestroy Field Rune15 Gold
Diamond Arrow.gifDiamond Arrow100 Gold
Disintegrate Rune.gifDisintegrate Rune26 Gold
Doublet.gifDoublet16 Gold
Drawer.gifDrawer40 Gold
Dresser.gifDresser25 Gold
Drill Bolt.gifDrill Bolt12 Gold
Dwarven Shield.gifDwarven Shield500 Gold
Earth Arrow.gifEarth Arrow5 Gold
Energy Bomb Rune.gifEnergy Bomb Rune203 Gold
Energy Field Rune.gifEnergy Field Rune38 Gold
Energy Wall Rune.gifEnergy Wall Rune85 Gold
Envenomed Arrow.gifEnvenomed Arrow12 Gold
Explosion Rune.gifExplosion Rune31 Gold
Fire Bomb Rune.gifFire Bomb Rune147 Gold
Fire Field Rune.gifFire Field Rune28 Gold
Fire Wall Rune.gifFire Wall Rune61 Gold
Fireball Rune.gifFireball Rune30 Gold
Fishing Rod.gifFishing Rod150 Gold
Flaming Arrow.gifFlaming Arrow5 Gold
Flash Arrow.gifFlash Arrow5 Gold
Globe.gifGlobe50 Gold
Goblin Statue.gifGoblin Statue50 Gold
Great Fireball Rune.gifGreat Fireball Rune57 Gold
Great Health Potion.gifGreat Health Potion225 Gold
Great Mana Potion.gifGreat Mana Potion144 Gold
Great Spirit Potion.gifGreat Spirit Potion228 Gold
Green Cushioned Chair.gifGreen Cushioned Chair40 Gold
Hailstorm Rod.gifHailstorm Rod15,000 Gold
Ham.gifHam10 Gold
Hand Axe.gifHand Axe8 Gold
Harp.gifHarp50 Gold
Health Potion.gifHealth Potion50 Gold
Heavy Magic Missile Rune.gifHeavy Magic Missile Rune12 Gold
Holy Missile Rune.gifHoly Missile Rune16 Gold
Icicle Rune.gifIcicle Rune30 Gold
Indoor Plant.gifIndoor Plant8 Gold
Intense Healing Rune (Item).gifIntense Healing Rune (Item)95 Gold
Iron Helmet.gifIron Helmet390 Gold
Ivory Chair.gifIvory Chair25 Gold
Jacket.gifJacket12 Gold
Label.gifLabel1 Gold
Large Amphora.gifLarge Amphora50 Gold
Large Trunk.gifLarge Trunk10 Gold
Lasting Exercise Axe.gifLasting Exercise Axe7,560,000 Gold
Lasting Exercise Bow.gifLasting Exercise Bow7,560,000 Gold
Lasting Exercise Club.gifLasting Exercise Club7,560,000 Gold
Lasting Exercise Rod.gifLasting Exercise Rod7,560,000 Gold
Lasting Exercise Sword.gifLasting Exercise Sword7,560,000 Gold
Lasting Exercise Wand.gifLasting Exercise Wand7,560,000 Gold
Leather Armor.gifLeather Armor35 Gold
Leather Boots.gifLeather Boots10 Gold
Leather Helmet.gifLeather Helmet12 Gold
Leather Legs.gifLeather Legs10 Gold
Letter.gifLetter8 Gold
Light Magic Missile Rune.gifLight Magic Missile Rune4 Gold
Locker.gifLocker30 Gold
Longsword.gifLongsword160 Gold
Mace.gifMace90 Gold
Machete.gifMachete35 Gold
Magic Wall Rune.gifMagic Wall Rune116 Gold
Mana Potion.gifMana Potion56 Gold
Meat.gifMeat5 Gold
Minotaur Statue.gifMinotaur Statue50 Gold
Moonlight Rod.gifMoonlight Rod1,000 Gold
Morning Star.gifMorning Star430 Gold
Necrotic Rod.gifNecrotic Rod5,000 Gold
Northwind Rod.gifNorthwind Rod7,500 Gold
Onyx Arrow.gifOnyx Arrow7 Gold
Oven (Movable).gifOven (Movable)80 Gold
Paralyse Rune.gifParalyse Rune700 Gold
Parcel.gifParcel15 Gold
Pendulum Clock.gifPendulum Clock75 Gold
Piano.gifPiano200 Gold
Pick.gifPick50 Gold
Piercing Bolt.gifPiercing Bolt5 Gold
Plate Armor.gifPlate Armor1,200 Gold
Plate Shield.gifPlate Shield125 Gold
Poison Bomb Rune.gifPoison Bomb Rune85 Gold
Poison Field Rune.gifPoison Field Rune21 Gold
Poison Wall Rune.gifPoison Wall Rune52 Gold
Potted Flower.gifPotted Flower5 Gold
Power Bolt.gifPower Bolt7 Gold
Present.gifPresent10 Gold
Prismatic Bolt.gifPrismatic Bolt20 Gold
Quiver.gifQuiver400 Gold
Rapier.gifRapier15 Gold
Red Cushioned Chair.gifRed Cushioned Chair40 Gold
Red Quiver.gifRed Quiver400 Gold
Rocking Chair.gifRocking Chair25 Gold
Rocking Horse.gifRocking Horse30 Gold
Rope.gifRope50 Gold
Royal Spear.gifRoyal Spear15 Gold
Sabre.gifSabre35 Gold
Scale Armor.gifScale Armor260 Gold
Scythe.gifScythe50 Gold
Shiver Arrow.gifShiver Arrow5 Gold
Short Sword.gifShort Sword26 Gold
Shovel.gifShovel50 Gold
Sickle.gifSickle7 Gold
Small Round Table.gifSmall Round Table25 Gold
Small Table.gifSmall Table20 Gold
Small Trunk.gifSmall Trunk20 Gold
Snakebite Rod.gifSnakebite Rod500 Gold
Sniper Arrow.gifSniper Arrow5 Gold
Sofa Chair.gifSofa Chair55 Gold
Soldier Helmet.gifSoldier Helmet110 Gold
Soulfire Rune.gifSoulfire Rune46 Gold
Spear.gifSpear9 Gold
Spectral Bolt.gifSpectral Bolt70 Gold
Spike Sword.gifSpike Sword8,000 Gold
Springsprout Rod.gifSpringsprout Rod18,000 Gold
Square Table.gifSquare Table25 Gold
Stalagmite Rune.gifStalagmite Rune12 Gold
Statue (Knight).gifStatue (Knight)50 Gold
Steel Helmet.gifSteel Helmet580 Gold
Steel Shield.gifSteel Shield240 Gold
Stone Shower Rune.gifStone Shower Rune37 Gold
Strong Health Potion.gifStrong Health Potion115 Gold
Strong Mana Potion.gifStrong Mana Potion93 Gold
Studded Armor.gifStudded Armor90 Gold
Studded Helmet.gifStudded Helmet63 Gold
Studded Legs.gifStudded Legs50 Gold
Studded Shield.gifStudded Shield50 Gold
Sudden Death Rune.gifSudden Death Rune135 Gold
Supreme Health Potion.gifSupreme Health Potion625 Gold
Sword.gifSword85 Gold
Table Lamp.gifTable Lamp35 Gold
Tarsal Arrow.gifTarsal Arrow6 Gold
Telescope.gifTelescope70 Gold
Terra Rod.gifTerra Rod10,000 Gold
Thick Trunk.gifThick Trunk20 Gold
Throwing Knife.gifThrowing Knife25 Gold
Throwing Star.gifThrowing Star42 Gold
Thunderstorm Rune.gifThunderstorm Rune47 Gold
Torch.gifTorch2 Gold
Trough.gifTrough7 Gold
Tusk Chair.gifTusk Chair25 Gold
Tusk Table.gifTusk Table25 Gold
Two Handed Sword.gifTwo Handed Sword950 Gold
Ultimate Healing Rune (Item).gifUltimate Healing Rune (Item)175 Gold
Ultimate Health Potion.gifUltimate Health Potion379 Gold
Ultimate Mana Potion.gifUltimate Mana Potion438 Gold
Ultimate Spirit Potion.gifUltimate Spirit Potion438 Gold
Underworld Rod.gifUnderworld Rod22,000 Gold
Viking Helmet.gifViking Helmet265 Gold
Viking Shield.gifViking Shield260 Gold
Vortex Bolt.gifVortex Bolt6 Gold
Wand of Cosmic Energy.gifWand of Cosmic Energy10,000 Gold
Wand of Decay.gifWand of Decay5,000 Gold
Wand of Draconia.gifWand of Draconia7,500 Gold
Wand of Dragonbreath.gifWand of Dragonbreath1,000 Gold
Wand of Inferno.gifWand of Inferno15,000 Gold
Wand of Starstorm.gifWand of Starstorm18,000 Gold
Wand of Voodoo.gifWand of Voodoo22,000 Gold
Wand of Vortex.gifWand of Vortex500 Gold
War Hammer.gifWar Hammer10,000 Gold
Wardrobe (Venorean).gifWardrobe (Venorean)50 Gold
Watch.gifWatch20 Gold
Weapon Rack.gifWeapon Rack90 Gold
Wild Growth Rune.gifWild Growth Rune160 Gold
Wooden Chair.gifWooden Chair15 Gold
Wooden Shield.gifWooden Shield15 Gold
Worm.gifWorm1 Gold

Hireling Outfits

All Hirelings come with the Citizen Outfits, without any addons, which are not available. The colors can be changed at any time. The Hireling can also be customized using different exclusive outfits bought from the Store. The following outfits are available:

  • Hireling Trader.gif Trader: 500 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Steward.gif Steward: 500 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Banker.gif Banker: 500 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Cook.gif Cook: 500 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Servant.gif Servant: 300 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Hydra.gif Hydra: 900 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Ferumbras.gif Ferumbras: 900 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Bonelord.gif Bonelord: 900 Tibia Coins
  • Hireling Dragon.gif Dragon: 900 Tibia Coins